EMS Consultant | 4 to 6 years | Pan India

Short Description

  •  The EMS consultant is aware of the Group EMS Overview Manual and works accordingly. The EMS consultant monitors that all local stakeholders, involved in the EMS, work according to the processes of the Group EMS Overview Manual.
  • The EMS consultant is involved in the local implementation of ISO14001 and where relevant ISO50001 and the maintenance and improvement of the Group EMS. In this role, the EMS consultant closely collaborates with the whole Group EMS team and local stakeholders.
  • During runtime, the EMS consultant is responsible for the overall quality and compliance of a country/region within the Group E(n)MS and for maintenance of all country/region ISO14001 and ISO50001 documented information.
  • Monitoring of performance (qualitative and quantitative) on objectives and targets and reporting progress to the local country/region EMS Lead and Sustainability Board.
  • Deliver the Management Review in collaboration with the local country/region EMS Lead for discussion and approval by the local Sustainability Board.
  • Organize the local internal and external audit process in compliance with the Group audit framework.
  • Organize regular review meetings according to the Group EMS Monitoring process including the timely delivery of minutes of these calls.

Primary Skills

  • EMS incident management.

Secondary Skills

  • Good Communication Skills



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July 14, 2021

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