Job Title: Dynatrace Admin/Performance Engineer
Location: Chicago , IL
Position Type: Permanent/Fulltime

Experience & Exposure Required:

?  8+ years of Performance Testing and Engineering experience
?  Minimum 5 years of Dynatrace 
?  Understands measures, business transactions, custom sensors, CPU samples etc
?  Define measures and business transactions without impacting the performance of any shared Dynatrace resource.
?  Create monitoring dashboards for his IT team and the business team.
?  Interfaces with Dynatrace admin team on complex issues.
?  Understands incident rules and alerts and get those defined for his application by interfacing with admin team.
?  Be responsible for helping customers diagnose and resolve complex technical issues.
?  Manage critical customer-facing issues and facilitate communication between the customer and infrastructure teams.
?  Triage, diagnose, and resolve or escalate internal system alerts to ensure we maintain our Service Level Agreements
?  Support application releases, ensuring the availability of monitoring during Performance Testing activities .
?  Create and maintain quality knowledge articles and help documentation in both our internal and external facing communities to provide superior issue resolution.
?  Eagerly participate in provided training to advance technical skills and product knowledge.
?  Capture method arguments for key pieces of the application
?  User resolves all “Dynatrace AppMon” queries faced by other team members in his application.
?  Strong leadership and excellent communication skills

Roles & Responsibilities: 

The identified candidate will be responsible for
?  Collaborating with client to define monitoring approaches
?  Participating in Management Reviews and Analysis
?  Defining dashboard and reporting engagement performance
?  Identify dependencies, constraints, risks and issues
?  Provide weekly status report to Client
?  Reviewing and providing inputs for all the test results 
?  Facilitate root cause analysis
?  Effective stakeholder communication
?  Knowledge of troubleshooting and monitoring using Dynatrace.
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