Service delivery Lead ADM

The AM Domain Leader is responsible for:

  • Being the first management level of team members;
  • The delivery of the Application Managed Services (AMS) at the appropriate contractual service levels.
  • The management of the delivery of the services and other agreed deliverables in all its aspects: specification, estimation, planning, control, acceptance, SLA compliancy for the applications in scope
  • Providing a planning detailing for each team member the activities of the coming week as well as a higher level planning detailing team’s activities in at least coming month
  • Providing input to be used for development of capacity plans via AM service approved capacity forecasting tool
  • Evaluating and report risks as they rise. This mandatory practice should be passed to the team members to make them aware of the need to do it.
  • Co-operation with other support entities and resolver groups.
  • Ensuring the AMS team is adequately resourced, followed-up and motivated; a specific attention should be paid to:
  • Delegating domain lead activities than can be delegated while giving opportunities to the team members to grow up
  • Challenging team composition versus service needs
  • Evaluating and reporting on team member’s performance.
  • Actively managing team knowledge and ensuring proper balance of the knowledge matrix.
  • Implementing and controlling all agreed procedures and processes.
  • Systematically providing meeting minutes; this mandatory practice should be passed / delegated to all team members.
  • Reviewing and ensuring proper time reporting on a weekly basis, with a final review before end of adjustment period in the following month.
  • Approving holidays (sometimes by giving input to Service Manager for making a decision).
  • Looking for continuous improvement
  • Ensuring an effective OneTeam way of working between onshore & offshore
  • Mastering the « eco-system », meaning knowing who the decision makers are, who the users are, who the contacts are within other related teams or 3rd parties.
  • Setting-up and maintaining communication channels with the business. This implies to setup recurrent meetings with the main stakeholders of the eco-system (business contacts, …).
  • The quality of all team’s deliverables. Looking for add-on sales opportunity when there may be a positive business case both for DLL and Capgemini
  • Promoting, implementing and supporting service team orientation towards more industrialization, automation Business value…
  • Qualities required: Proactivity, Onwership, outside- in thinking, team leadership, ownership, strong communicator

Master Dutch &/or French + English

4-5 years in project or Service delivery experience is required.



Posted on:

July 14, 2020

Experience level:

Mid level

Education level:

Bachelor, Master, oder gleichwertiger Abschluss

Contract type:



Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services