Short Description

Hiring DevOps Consultant with Puppet, Jenkins as a mandatory Technologies.
We are in urgent need of a candidate who has no more than 60 days notice period and willing to join us at our Cloud Practice(Will get a good exposure working on Cloud Computing as well)


• 3-6 years of Environment Provisioning experience
Technical Requirements
• Experience with Puppet configuration management software
• Strong script skills like python, puppet and PowerShell
• Experience with the ELK monitoring suite, or other monitoring and analysis tools such as Splunk, Site scope, etc.
• Experience with continuous integration and continuous deployment tools

Desirable Skills
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Infrastructure automation experience

Job Responsibilities

The Platform Engineers would be responsible for Installing and Configuring software’s in various environments using automation. 


• Install and configure software’s required for DevOps life cycle, monitoring solutions, etc.
• Manage and maintain system configuration to include documentation, installation, planning, configuration and evaluation of existing and new hardware.
• Create scripts to deploy and provision software’s in various environments.


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