Short Description


  • Qualified accountant (CA) or CA-Inter  with minimum 3 years experience in SOX environment
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Proficiency in Excel and MS Office packages
  • Ability to control the auditee and ensure independence in work, having a strict view of the activities, but at the same time ensures that the business interests are taken into consideration.
  •  Good working knowledge on SAP
  • Coordination, Team building skills, effective communication and liaising with the management on day to day activities and producing dashboards on monthly basis
  • Team Player

Job Responsibilities

  • Assessing appropriateness of accounting principles and policies adopted and ensuring compliance of GAAP, IFRS, SOX AND Accounting Standards and Statements
  • Testing and validation of controls along with appropriate documentation to ensure that they meet the SOX documentation and testing requirements
  • Ensuring compliance with corporate laws, tax laws and other major legislations applicable in specific to the industry / operations of the Company.
  • Audit Management, Follow-up on open issues, and timely closure of audit recommendation.
  • Understanding and assessing risks involved, performing risk analysis and creation of fraud analytics models. Understanding the processes and internal control environment identification of controls, accessing adequacy thereof, testing and evaluating the operating effectiveness of internal controls. Performing the risk analysis / assessment for new and existing controls, Annual risk assessment
  • Understanding and performing various business processes including Purchase to Payables, Revenue & Receivables, Inventory, HR & Payroll, Fixed Assets, including identification and validation of automated controls in customized third party applications
  • Documentation of Risk Control Matrix (RCM), SOPs and Test script for Internal Financial Controls as per the requirement of the Companies Act, 2013 and other applicable Statutes.
  • Performing walkthroughs for business processes to evaluate the design of controls and advising for removal of non-value adding activities and bringing in efficiencies in the business processes
  • Application of various audit methodology for securing audit comfort and evidence including performing reconciliations, re-computations, analytics and various number crunching activities
  • Provide management with an independent assessment of efficiency and effectiveness of the design and operation of internal controls and operating procedures
  • Process improvement and active team player

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