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CA Spectrum – 4 to 6 Years – Mumbai


Job Responsibilities


Job Title:- CA Spectrum

Experience:- 4 to 6 Years

Job Location:- Mumbai


Job Description:-


  • CA Spectrum 
  • Spectrum software administration 
  • Create and manage standard displays 
  • Create and manage standard monitoring situations for event management 
  • Manage user access to the global and regional instances 
  • Administer Tables, users, groups, conversions, filter and views 
  • Understanding of failover and High Availability concepts 
  • CA Oneclick 
  • WebGUI installation, Configuration and Administration 
  • Able to create users, groups, filter, views, pages, roles, page views and portlet Configuration of WebGUI for third party authentication 
  • CA PM 
  • Manage user access and administration 
  • Create and manage standard reports 
  • Networking 
  • Detailed knowledge of IP Addressing and Subnets 
  • Detailed knowledge of IP Routing 
  • Detailed knowledge of WAN technologies 
  • Detailed knowledge of SNMP structures 
  • Understanding of common network reporting such as Bandwidth Utilization.


Contact Person:- Nitika Pandita

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