Short Description

Business Analyst – 2 to 4 years – Hyderabad



Job Responsibilities

Provide initial support to the new joinee to understand the team structure, work dynamics, team offerings, project run through, tools and processes and also, help settle better in immediate work space ( Shall be from same team and at C1 level or above)
• Role of Mentor : Shall not be employee’s immediate N+1 ( Grade C2 and above and from same BU. Not in same reporting line) . Shall be able to guide the new employee over the year to assimilate better and also, help navigate Capgemini better.
• Project Code and Project Code Owner : All budgetary approvals will be taken from Project owner towards Mid May. This will include Training costs, induction program costs, Relocation expenses, and any miscellaneous expenses 
• Exact Office Location and location SPOC : Please provide exact building details to avoid last minute confusion and share SPOC location details as per BU.
• Training Nominations: Help with the Nominations for the Trainings (Attached), that the BU leads would like their employee to attend
• BU Training Plan : Please share with us the no. of days BU plans for In person Training and the training location post their Induction & central training.

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