Looking for BMC Atrium with 6 to 9 years in Bangalore location


Anyt Graduate

Job Responsibilities

We are looking to hire BMC Atrium with 6 ot 9 years in Bangalore location.


Job Description:

  1. Mandatory: Atrium Integrator (Pentaho) skills
  2. Mandatory: Microsoft SQL Server skills:
    1. DDL
    2. SQL & Transact-SQL (for developing SQL procedures)
    3. development and optimization of data model and SQL-Queries related to performance reasons, e.g. also introduction of indexes
    4. understanding of object oriented data model with inheritance structure and the mapping to an relational database model (which is created by CMDB)
  3. Optional: CMDB skills


Skill – BMC Atrium

Location – Banglore

Experience – 6 to 9


Contact – Monika Hiranwar

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