Short Description


Job Responsibilities

Role: Sr Data Engineer/ Big Data Architect

Exp: 8 to 12 Years

Location: Hyderabad

Job Description:

1. Demonstrated thought leadership in big data architecture
2. Applied knowledge of lambda architecture principles using the Apache Big Data and Analytics stack
3. Technical leadership with experience providing architectural support to multiple teams.
4. Hands-on development capabilities and willingness to do-so when required.
5. Increasing experience in big data technology components applied to data management and analytics domains specifically in storage, retrieval, analytics and governance
6. Applied knowledge of Hadoop towards generalization, re-use, recovery or other abstract reasoning techniques
7. NoSQL technologies 
8. Distributed data processing technologies combining at rest and streaming data such as Spark, Storm, NiFi.
9. Relational databases including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2.
10. Graph databases technologies including Neo4J, GraphX.
11. Object oriented and functional programming using Python, Scala, Java, C++

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