Azure Security Specialist | 9 to 16 years | Pune

Job Description

  • Demonstrate deep experience with securing mission critical cloud applications in Microsoft Azure
  • Orchestrate the security layer across custom developed and Commercial products deployed on Azure as an integrated solution
  • Demonstrate good understanding of Azure Compliance Blueprints, Compliance Dashboards
  • Create strategy to manage PCI/PII compliance controls through Azure Automation
  • Deliver security layer as code using Azure CLI, ARM templates, Shell Scripts and not just as Visio Diagrams
  • Drive the security architecture and implementation for APIs and Microservices deployed on Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure App Services, Logic Apps and Functions
  • Implement best practices for application secrets management using Azure Key Vault or Hashicorp Vault, with the ability to recommend one versus the other based on use cases
  • Demonstrate understanding of container security concepts, Kubernetes architecture, service to service communication
  • Design Ingress control and Kubernetes security policies with nginx, Azure Application Gateway
  • Create blueprint for data security in transit and at rest including the ability to recommend Azure database offerings and storage services based on the security requirements
  • Demonstrate deep understanding on topics like Data Exfiltration, Data Loss Prevention and Data Redaction
  • Design and implement the best practices as code using Azure CLI and/or ARM Templates for virtual network security, user defined routing and network security groups
  • Design isolation of applications, data and other PAAS services using Service Endpoints, ASE and other techniques
  • Design identity management solutions with Azure AD, Azure AD B2C, Okta, Ping Identity and other modern identity solutions for internal users and customer identities
  • Integrate OAuth into applications, APIs, Microservices
  • Work with Azure Managed Service Identities for Application to Application or Application to Azure Services scenarios
  • Ability to work with Azure DevOps Pipelines and Releases to deliver security-as-code in the CI/CD environment

Primary Skills

  • Azure CLI and Powershell
  • Container platforms and tools – Kubernetes, Docker, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Service
  • Azure Networking – Azure Virtual Networks, ExpressRoute, Site-to-Site VPN, NSG, App Service Environment
  • Azure PAAS Services Security and Provisioning – Azure API Management Policies, Azure App Service, Event Hubs, Service Bus, Cosmos DB, Azure SQL

Secondary Skills

  • Identity Management – Azure Managed Service Identities, Azure AD, Azure AD B2C, Open ID Connect
  • Cloud Security – Azure Key Vault, HSTS, SSL/TLS Ingress Control, Certificate management, Azure Security Center, Threat Detection, Container Security tools e.g. Twistlock
  • Cloud monitoring – Experience with Azure Sentinel, Azure Log Analytics, Azure Monitor, SysDig, Application Insights



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August 26, 2021

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