Azure Administrator | 6 to 9 years | Mumbai, Bengaluru & Pune

Job Description:


  • The general responsibilities of Linux administrator are as follows Install and Configure Linux Systems
  • A Linux administrator s main responsibility is to install and set up Linux systems and servers often for organization wide deployment,
  • They develop servers and work with individual users to ensure that the system works reliably and quickly and answer questions related to setup and installation
  • In this role Linux administrators also set up the architecture of the system including back end databases and scripts for specific applications and use cases, Perform System Maintenance Linux administrators also perform routine system maintenance and resolve server side issues as they arise
  • This aspect of the role requires the Linux administrator to review error logs and reported errors and seek out solutions, Frequently Linux administrators need to work directly with the system s source code to make necessary changes to ensure reliable performance and then deploy those changes throughout the system
  • Create System Backups Linux administrators also conduct system backups according to company or industry standards, They may perform these backups weekly daily or more frequently depending on system space and business needs
  • This improves system recovery after a crash or other outage and supports data integrity by ensuring that there is never a massive loss of vital information Monitor System Performance In addition to maintaining Linux systems and servers
  • Linux administrators also monitor system performance to prevent slowdowns and crashes, They may examine daily traffic logs and reports or receive direct reports from end users
  • Provide Technical Support and Guidance Linux administrators provide technical support and guidance to users and other administrators, In many cases the Linux administrator works closely with other developers to answer technical questions or resolve issues with server side performance
  • They may also support users by assisting with installation and maintenance of Linux based programs and help debug these applications so that they work with existing servers Maintain System Security

Primary Skills:


  • Azure Administrator, Linux Admin

Secondary Skills:

  • Azure Administrator, Linux Admin



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July 12, 2021

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Infrastructure & Service Integration