AWS Platform Engineer
Minimum 4 years experience in IT (Linux, Windows) and at least 1 year with AWS Cloud
Excellent scripting skills (Python, Powershell, JSON, YAML)
Fluent in AWS Cloudformation
In-Depth knowledge of AWS Config, S3, Cloudwatch, Lamdba, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, EC2, Route53, etc.
Solid understanding of networking and network security
• Preparing Amazon Web Services for use as a generic platform in ABN AMRO
• Supporting DevOps teams wishing to use AWS (Solution Architecture, Solution Design, Solution Engineering)
• Maintaining Automated Compliance Framework to ensure DevOps teams use AWS securely and efficiently (AWS Config rules, Lambda, Python)
• Preparing individual AWS Services for risk assessment: determine security standards, write code for compliance checks
• Maintaining generic AWS infrastructure (Bastion hosts, Unbound DNS, Trend Micro Deep Security)
• Maintaining approved and hardened OS builds (Amazon Linux, Windows Server 2016)
• Processing firewall requests (between AWS and On-Premises)
• Maintaining Reference Architectures and Cloud Formation Templates 
• Maintaining Service Catalogue of Orderable Items
• Responding to Support Tickets (E-mail, Slack, ServiceNow)
• Providing SLA for Platform Availability (on-call expected in near future)
• Organizing demos (new features, best practices)
• Responding to risks & vulnerabilities identified during audits and PEN-testing
• Performing Vulnerability scans on running instances where needed (using Nessus)
• Engaging with AWS support
• Acting as a Center of Expertise for AWS (Development Support)
• Promoting Public Cloud Adoption
• Documenting Architectural Designs and Decisions
• Transferring knowledge to Application vendors
Minimum of 2 AWS Associate Certifications (AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator)
Preferably at least one AWS Professional (AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer)

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