APM Architect | 9 to 12 years | Mumbai, Bengaluru & Pune

Job Description:

  • Best practice solutions on Log shipper Fluentbit Fluentd Filebit Kafka Redis Best practice solutions on Indexing Storage

  • Logstash elasticcache influxdb Architectural Solutions on New Relic Cloud platforms Amazon Web Services ELK Stack Restaurant Observability

  • Design Metric Events Logs Traces Collecting telemetry data from restaurant endpoints Reliably shipping them to a central repository Setting up services to report alert and analyze telemetry data

  • To improve the system design by identifying friction points in business flows for customer experience Analytical ability on telemetry data Solutions on customer experience trackability

  • Solutions on components of Observability Open Instrumentation Correlation and Context Programmability AIOps, To analyze the common system level telemetry based on the architecture pattern of system design

  • To analyze the architecture pattern of system design what is the best method of correlating flows sequences and events in telemetry, To identify analyze the architecture pattern and functionality of the product what is the common minimum product level telemetry

  • Given the tooling framework analyze the requirements for instrumentation and configuration for the product for telemetry, Given the tooling framework provide a solution on the programmability methods to add metadata

  • Given the deployment pipelines, what is the best test strategy in lower environment to ensure conformance Given the deployment pipelines what is the best method to update telemetry instrumentation and configuration

  • Given the observability system what are the best methods to keep a product performant and managed to error budgets Given the constraints of a distributed system and footprint of a store endpoint what tool chain will be supported

  • To define the common minimum pattern for trace headers for correlation, leveraging the tool of choice for tracing Zipkin, Jaegar, New Relic 

Primary Skills:

  • APM Architect, Kafka Redis, New Relic

  • Amazon Web Services ELK Stack Restaurant Observability

Secondary Skills:

  • Zipkin, Jaegar, Architecture pattern of system design

  • Structured logging Nlog Serilog



Posted on:

May 3, 2021

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