Sustainable AI

Embracing data and AI to power your net-zero ambition

Accelerate commitments to achieve your sustainable goals

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability is increasingly important when it comes to ensuring an organization’s success. Social, stakeholder, and regulatory requirements are also becoming more stringent in this arena.

Organizations across industries must adopt radical methods, make adequate investments, and deploy appropriate solutions in pursuit of sustainability goals.

What’s the connection between data, AI, and sustainability?

They are all probably at the top of your strategic agenda. But have you thought about how they affect one another?

AI will transform global productivity and efficiency, equality and inclusion, and a host of other areas critical to the Paris Agreement pledges and the Sustainable Development Goals. There is much to be gained from considering how your AI project can improve not just your organization’s prospects – but all our futures.

Sustainable AI solutions can boost your climate change strategy and help to achieve more sustainable territories.

How AI can boost your climate change strategy

The climate crisis is urgent and organizations must act now. AI for climate action will help you design a climate action innovation roadmap and deploy the most effective use cases for your industry decarbonization to amplify positive output, reducing your GHG emissions and pollution, shrinking your waste, improving power efficiency, and making you an AI climate action champion – an organization with a mature climate change vision and strategy aligned with its AI capabilities.

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How AI can help to achieve more sustainable territories

Whether it be under water, on land, in the woods, or at sea, we have faced an unprecedented range of natural disasters resulting from major changes in territories: rising sea levels, global warming, destruction of natural habitats, etc. A better understanding of our planet, its environment, and biodiversity is key to fostering healthier and more sustainable life on earth.

AI already contributes to monitoring and preserving our ecosystem and territories. Earth observation techniques using satellite images, drone capture techniques, and analytics are already helping organizations to design sustainable agriculture and territories.

Build AI that is efficient and sufficient

Rapid progress in AI has brought both the risk of increased carbon emissions and opportunities in terms of mitigating climate impact.

AI models can boost your climate change strategy, but they have their own GHC footprint and can increase power costs if they are computationally intensive. Our Green AI approaches drive immediate strategies for mitigating energy consumption and carbon emissions.

By first measuring and reporting and then managing and reducing the energy cost of infrastructure while striking a balance between model accuracy and sustainability, we are able to deliver cost-competitive AI that is also more inclusive and in line with sustainability goals.

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How AI can boost your climate change strategy

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Build AI that is efficient and sufficient

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