Customer Engagement

To help deliver value at every interaction, transforming customer relationships

Create compelling experiences at every touchpoint

Technology is fuelling a massive shift in customer expectations. Few brands are perceived as truly customer-centric. When digital intensifies competitive forces and gives ever more power to the consumer, loyalty is hard to build.

Today, a Brand exists in the experiences it enables… Engaging successfully across the customer lifecycle requires tying a thousand knots to imagine, architect, build and run the myriad experiences with the required degrees of consistency, excellence and agility.

We help our clients reinvent how they deliver value to their customers and guide them through a customer-led business transformation. We help our clients better engage with their consumers by reimagining and reengineering the experiences they enable across 4 main domains: Marketing, Sales, Commerce: the point of transaction and Customer service.

Being able to recommend the Next Best Experience requires both an understanding of how customers engage with your brand across a portfolio of offerings (products, services, locations, employees, etc.) and an ability to impact the different levers that enable those interactions.


We help our clients reinvent how they deliver value to their customers and guide them through a customer-led business transformation

Customer Experience Design

  • Leveraging the power of Backelite & Idean
  • UX design & UI/visual design
  • Branded experiences
  • Strategy design

Our Portfolio of Offerings Include

  • Leveraging data that helps you better understand your customers
  • Digital marketing and use of social media
  • Adapting sales processes to market changes
  • Creating the optimal channel mix based on an assessment of customer wants and needs
  • Improving collaboration between marketing, sales and service

Customer engagement key facts

  • 75% of companies believe they are customer-centric while only 30% of consumers think so
  • 90% of consumers have a negative perception of loyalty programs
  • 70% of consumers with high emotional engagement spend up to two times or more on brands they are loyal to

Our domains, solutions & services

With our specialized Future of Customer Engagement practice, we help businesses deliver value at every interaction; building customer relationships to drive business transformation.

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