Financial Advisor Desktop Solutions

Drawing on Capgemini’s extensive wealth-management industry expertise and experience with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for Wealth, the Financial Advisor Desktop solution provides a single interface for seamless access to all client information and advising functions

Improving Advisor Efficiency and Client Satisfaction

Today’s digitally empowered, high-net-worth clients have high expectations of their wealth-management advisors. They want proactive, timely advice and efficient advising services, and will leave their current firm if they aren’t satisfied. Many firms have implemented multiple, separate systems to provide their advisors with the information and tools needed to provide this timely advice. The advisor’s challenge: accessing client-relevant data and business processes, navigating through the various user interfaces for each system—quickly and accurately, meeting clients’ high expectations.

Powerful Integration that Empowers Advisors to Delight Clients

Financial advisors typically spend more than one-third of their time in non-client-facing, administrative activities. The Financial Advisor Desktop integrates and aligns the activities and applications supporting client-relationship development and advisory lifecycles. The solution:

  • improves advisor efficiency via a unified dashboard interface and automated processes;
  • enables proactive prospecting and client communications via integrated analytics widgets;
  • supports the delivery of relevant, concise and efficient advising services;
  • increases revenue opportunities;
  • reduces advisor on-boarding time; and
  • lowers IT costs by employing a simplified application-integration model based on®.

Industry-Leading Experience and Expertise

For 20 years, our World Wealth Report has provided the industry benchmark for tracking the behavior of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) at a global, regional and country level. Capgemini has over 3,500 global cross-practice professionals with capital-markets industry experience leveraging this unique, HNWI knowledge base. Our specialists in wealth management and benchmarking tools have compiled 450+ function-point frameworks for assessing asset- and wealth-management businesses and related information systems.

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