Cars Online Trend Study, April 2018

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Untapped value – rethinking customer service in the automotive industry

Customer service in the automotive industry has evolved rapidly, but has not kept pace with customers’ changing expectations, nor with digitization of the product mix. Yet customer service is a crucial aspect of customer experience, and as such can strongly influence customer loyalty and hence profitability. Establishing a personalized, individual dialogue with each customer promotes the right customer experience.

Building on Capgemini’s Cars Online 2017 study, which surveyed more than 8,000 respondents, this 2018 trend study explores customers’ experience and expectations of automotive customer service. It considers current levels of satisfaction, along with preferences about how customer service should develop in future.

The 2018 Cars Online Trend Study reveals specific needs and expectations on the part of customers that OEM’s and dealers must address as they undertake such initiatives. Specifically:

  • Customers expect a fast response, but also a high quality of customer service
  • Customers want to get in touch with car makers over a choice of channels
  • Customers may appreciate being contacted proactively, but only with the right message at the right time
  • Customers are willing to share their personal data in return for a better customer service experience, but expect transparency on what the data is used for
  • Customer expectations and preferences vary significantly between markets.

Other topics include the services customers expect from OEMs, what trends will influence customer service in the next years, how OEMs can differentiate through good customer service (taking account of digitalization), and which new technologies will enable the necessary business change.

Based on our findings, we propose a framework to help OEMs and dealers establish effective customer dialogue management, which will enable them to meet growing customer expectations and leverage customer service as a driver for a valuable customer experience.

If you would like to discuss the findings of this report, contact our Global Vice President of Automotive: Markus Winkler

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Cars Online Trend Study, April 2018

Untapped value – rethinking customer service in the automotive industry