Global Community Engagement Awards

The awards celebrate the positive difference our employees are creating for their local communities.

September 26, 2016, we launched the third edition of the awards with a dedicated focus area: skills and education. This special focus is in line with the Global Community Engagement strategy announced in December 2015: to touch a million lives by 2020 through our skills and education programs.

Award Categories

The five award categories for 2016 are:

  • Basic & Secondary Education Project of the Year
  • Higher Education Project of the Year
  • Skills for Innovation Award of the Year
  • Education & Skills for Women Award of the Year
  • The People’s Choice

Winners of 2015 Global Community Engagement Awards

Category: Best Client Collaboration

Winner: Computer Center at Ma Niketan, Capgemini India

Computer Center at Ma Niketan, Capgemini IndiaMa Niketan, a children’s home in India benefits from the services provided by our volunteers. The India Team set up a computer center catering to 300 girls where along with basic computer skills, advanced skills were taught. We can proudly state that this program provided employment to 30 girls. A team of over 250 volunteers conducted multiple other programs impacting 450 direct beneficiaries and 20,000 indirect beneficiaries.


Highly commended projects:

Ready2Help, Capgemini NetherlandsReady2Help, Capgemini Netherlands 
Ready2Help is a civic assistance program by Red Cross in the Netherlands Capgemini Netherlands became a part of this program in 2014, and helped to further build a network of helping hands who will be willing to come forward to help at the time of crises. With Ready2Help, Capgemini volunteers, like several other volunteers receive a message on their phone when a crisis occurs asking them if they can provide a helping hand in their community. Ready2Help network has now over 25,000 users.

Boys and Girls Clubs Digital Youth Development Project, Capgemini US
Capgemini US collaborates with the Boys & Girls Club of Americato transform the experience and development of the 4+ million youth it serves globally by blending physical and digital experiences. Close to 50 Capgemini employees dedicated around 1,500 hours to bring rich and extensive expertise in digital transformation, strategy, organizational change management, and system integration – making a significant impact to the Boys & Girls Club of America and the young people it supports.

Apps for Good, Capgemini UK Apps for Good, Capgemini UK 
Apps for Good (A4G) is an open-source technology education movement in the UK that partners with educators in schools and learning centers to deliver a course to young people between age group of 10-18. The aim is to develop apps that can transform lives and communities. Capgemini UK is an Apps for Good Assessor with over 100 Capgemini UK employees, clients and partners involved in this program this year.

Category: Best Community Innovation

Winner: Project B, Sogeti Netherlands

Project B, Sogeti NetherlandsProject B is a collaborative effort between Sogeti Netherlands and Sogeti France. It is a program wherein every year IT students from different universities and schools are invited to take on a challenge to create IT innovations for people with disabilities. The aim of this program is to promote training, employability and job retention for people with disabilities.



Highly commended projects

Clean Baltic Sea Program, Capgemini FinlandClean Baltic Sea Program, Capgemini Finland
Since 2008, Capgemini Finland volunteers have been involved in an environmental initiative – Save the Baltic Sea: The Tanker Safety Program spearheaded by the John Nurminen Foundation. Our volunteers plan, facilitate and document several significant workshops, drawing up the requirement specifications for two digital services, and offering help with expert reports, service demonstrations, as well as the renewal of the Foundation’s customer register.


Promoting Children’s Education, Capgemini Guatemala 
More than 500 Capgemini volunteers signed up to transform a school in Guatemala with the support of teachers, parents, and project managers from United Way. The new school’s infrastructure will allow 300 children to receive education compared to the current capacity of 150. It will also provide a better and more appropriate environment to study in, and to learn and grow.


Capgemini School Adoption Project, Capgemini IndiaCapgemini School Adoption Project, Capgemini India
Capgemini India School Adoption Program is a unique school transformation project that is focused on improving access, quality and infrastructure to Government schools. The program supports children who come from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Since 2015, this program is implemented in 90 schools across India reaching out to 91,200 students, 1200 teachers, 90+ School Principals and 100 communities.


Best Fundraising Initiative

Winner: Joy of Giving Week , IGATE India

In India, 80% of children are deprived of the joy of reading because they don’t have access to libraries. In 2015, our India volunteers took the initiative of providing underprivileged children, old and new books to set up libraries.
Highly commended projects:

Nepal Earthquake Fundraising, Capgemini India 
A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015, killing more than 7,500 people, with 14,000 injured and nearly 4.4 million people left homeless and displaced. Capgemini India supported the survivors by raising funds of approximately INR 28,50,000. Around 3000 employees contributed and the funds were used to support the people of Lamjung district.

We Make Children's Dreams Come True, Capgemini BrazilWe Make Children’s Dreams Come True, Capgemini Brazil
Every year, post offices in several cities in Brazil receive letters from children with wishes for Christmas gifts. The post offices in turn make these letters available to people who want to help and fulfill children’s wishes. Capgemini Brazil participated in this initiative for one month and fulfilled wishes of 284 children.


Fundraising at Bestum School, Capgemini NorwayFundraising at Bestum School, Capgemini Norway
Naandi Norway, Capgemini’s charity Foundation in Norway has partnered with Bestum School since 2008. In September 2014, Bestum School arranged a Market Day, a market place for the school children to sell baked goods, beverages and gift cards that would support children’s education for one school year.



Category: Volunteering Initiative of the Year

Winner: RoboCap, Computer Science and Robotics for Children, Capgemini Poland
IT engineers from Capgemini Software Solutions Center Wroclaw in Poland arranged science and robotics workshops for children called RoboCap. Workshops aimed at making IT accessible to all children. These workshops were held in Capgemini offices, a hospital, school and an orphanage too. 50% of seats in each workshop were reserved for young women. 

Highly commended projects:

Summer Camp with ICARE, IGATE India 
For the last 3 years, our volunteers have been conducting summer camps in urban India for children coming from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and go to schools where extra-curricular activities are not given their due importance. These camps are aimed to utilize the children’s vacation time by providing a fun and out-of-the-box way of learning, instilling values and creating an awareness of social issues.

Bridge for Change, Capgemini PhilippinesBridge for Change, Capgemini Philippines 
The Life Project 4 Youth Foundation benefits from services provided by Capgemini volunteers. The volunteers helped to upskill youth by providing a conducive environment to learn, by collecting donations for their ‘Entrepreneur’s House’, and computers, which will enhance their learning – all with the aim of helping them to grow into self sufficient individuals. Learning sessions like mock interviews were also carried out to further train and prepare the youth as they move into the working sector of the society.

Sociable Charitable People, Capgemini AustraliaSociable Charitable People, Capgemini Australia 
Capgemini colleague, Anthony developed ‘Sociable Charitable People’, a group for people who enjoy volunteering in a social atmosphere. The group endeavors to provide a single channel which potential volunteers may browse, select and plan the time they wish to donate. The group currently has over 190 members and provides volunteers to over 30 charitable organizations.



People’s Choice Award Winner:

We Make Children’s Dreams Come True, Capgemini Brazil

Winners of 2014 Global Community Engagement Awards

Category: Best Client Collaboration Award

Winner: Seniors for Talents, Netherlands
Working with our client Amsterdam Service for Work & Income, Capgemini Netherlands devised a program to address the high rates of unemployment in Amsterdam. ‘Seniors for Talents’ is a scheme that aims to provide coaching and other assistance to thirty highly educated, young, unemployed people to help them find a job or further training.

Highly commended projects:

The Mission Handicap, France
Working with four other businesses, Capgemini France has created a training course specifically to provide disabled people with web and mobile application developer skills. The initiative involved close collaboration with clients, Orange and Credit Agricole as well as academic experts.

Capgemini Connects at ‘Atlanta Ronald McDonald House’ Charity, US
Atlanta Ronald McDonald House is a charity that provides a home away from home for up to 50 families with ill and injured children who had to travel to receive treatment in Atlanta area hospitals. Together with our client Coca Cola, Capgemini employees organized a full day of service that included housekeeping, cooking and performing various outdoor tasks as well as fundraising.

Category: Best Community Innovation Award

Winner: Dawley Town Hall, UK
The project showcases how Capgemini’s skills and knowledge can support a town’s development. The project placed the old town hall at the centre of Dawley’s regeneration. Around 30 Capgemini employees were involved and the end result was the creation of a draft sustainable business plan.

Highly commended projects:

Should electronic waste be considered waste?, Brazil
Capgemini Brazil turned everyday electronic waste products into fantastic artworks in an innovative waste exhibition. Sculptures, videos and an interactive totem not only turned mundane waste into things of beauty but showed people the negative impacts of their actions on environment, water and people.

DEFI H, France
DEFI H was the first competition among IT Schools and Universities to empower disabled people. The student teams worked on innovative projects that enabled them to function in the workplace. The teams are made of four students, a non-profit organization and a Sogeti coach.

Category: Best Fundraising Initiative Award

Winner: Jammu and Kashmir Fund and Collection Drive, India
In autumn of 2014, floods caused massive destruction in the Jammu and Kashmir regions of India, displacing hundreds of families. Capgemini volunteers responded immediately. They organized relief material collection, transport and fundraising across all our Indian offices. €300,000 was raised to provide critical shelter, water, cooking and hygiene support.

Highly commended projects:

Project Theater, Poland 
Project Theater is a play performed entirely by Capgemini employees to raise funds for young people’s education. In 2014, 26 colleagues enacted the play for an audience of more than 1000 people over five days and raised €4500. The play was subsequently made available for people with sight disabilities, with audio-description.

Capgemini Photo Calendar 2015, Germany 
The photo calendar came from a competition open to all Capgemini Germany employees. The competition was based on the theme of “Colors of Diversity”, inspired by Kofi Annan and recognizing that diversity is key for growth and value. Funds raised from sales of the calendar were directed to a charity.

Category: Volunteering Initiative of the Year Award

Winner: Passeport Avenir, France
Passeport Avenir is a NGO that coordinates a support system of corporate volunteers to provide mentoring, workshops and practical assistance for underprivileged students from 200 education institutions. Over 300 Capgemini employees volunteer at Passeport Avenir. 

The highly commended projects:

Teaching Assignment for Lila Juniors, India 
The Lila Poonawala Foundation in India benefits from the services provided by Capgemini volunteers who help in training and conducting classes for schoolgirls. The initiative helps to empower women and girls by supporting them academically and financially.

Christmas Smile, UK 
Christmas Smile was founded by our colleague in UK, Kate Phillips to help families in crisis in North West England. Hundreds of gifts and food hampers were delivered to families in need of emergency support.

Category: People’s Choice Award

The winner: Project Theater, Poland

About our Panel/Judges

The first judging panel of 2016 GCEAs include a diverse mix of community and inclusion experts from eight countries – France, Netherlands, Germany, North America, UK, Norway, Brazil and India. Collectively, they have several decades of experience working on the field to enrich the lives of thousands.

Judge 1:
Annelies Hermens heads the community engagement program at Capgemini Netherlands. She works to mobilize employees to leverage their experience and talent to support pro bono projects for organizations such as Doenersdreef, Voedselbank Apeldoorn and Nederlandse Rode Kruis. Also, the social return program which includes projects such as ‘Seniors for Talents’ and a partnership with JINC – an organization that gives young people from 8 to 16 years of age the opportunity to experience what the labor market has to offer and what skills one needs for specific jobs.

Judge 2:
Sabine Reuss is the Head of Marketing & Communications for Capgemini in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She is also the Chairwoman of CSR Board of Capgemini in Germany. Sabine leads all the CSR initiatives in Germany including environment and community. A community related annual feature in Capgemini Germany is the Volunteering Day led by Sabine, where our Germany employees come together for a day to provide their skills and expertise in different and varied community projects.


Judge 3:
Mel Larkins is Capgemini North America’s Environment & Community Project Manager spearheading projects that include among many others, Capgemini Cares Day that this year brought together more than 1,900 team members throughout the North American region, to volunteer for 42 charities in 31 cities.



Judge 4:
Geraldine Plenier is the CSR Director for Capgemini France since 2009. She heads the social, education and community pillars in France. Geraldine is also a part of the Women@Capgemini’s French team and a key member in developing the Capgemini MicroWorld platform.



Judge 5:
Gunilla Resare is the Director of Communications at Capgemini Norway and responsible for CSR . In addition, she is a Board Member of Foundation Naandi Norway that was established in 2007 to support the Nanhi Kali project. Gunilla is actively involved in diversity activities of Capgemini Norway that include several networking and mentoring programs for women students and employees and CSR initiatives with clients such as Aker Solutions, EnterCard and Telenor.


Judge 6:
Bethan Richmond started her CSR career in Capgemini UK in 2011. Among several other things, she was responsible for driving the set up of the Group Carbon Accounting program and overseeing the implementation of the current Credit360 platform. Bethan now leads the community program for Capgemini UK.


Judge 7:
Anurag Pratap spearheads CSR at Capgemini India. He elaborates that CSR approach in India is based on four Es – Education, Employability, Environment and Emergency Relief Response. Some of the community projects under Anurag’s leadership include Capgemini Girl Child Sponsorship (Enlight), Capgemini School Adoption Project, Capgemini Scholarships, Capgemini Digital Literacy Centres, Capgemini Remedial centres for Government School Children, and LEAP Centres.


Judge 8:
Sirlene Cavaliere is the Marketing and Communications Director of Capgemini Brazil. She leads the CSR initiatives at the country level and is also the representative of the Women@Capgemini program in Brazil.