Community Engagement

As a Group that employs over 190,000 people, we have a direct impact on the communities we operate in around the world. Supporting these communities and people is a key part of our corporate responsibility. We believe education is the most powerful tool that can bring change in communities, which is why we have a global ambition of touching one million lives through our Education and Skills programs by 2020.

Global Initiatives with the Naandi Foundation and MicroWorld

Globally, we support several major programs such as the Naandi Foundation, a leading Indian charity fighting against poverty, and MicroWorld, an international microfinance organization.

Read more about our global community initiatives.

Investing Time in Our Local Communities

To create maximum impact with most effective solutions for our communities, we collaborate with other organizations around the world which have the same end goal. For example, in Italy, we’ve created an award-winning first aid course with the Red Cross. We also encourage our local teams to support the causes that are closest to their hearts particularly around education, skills for the future and social inclusion.

Read more about our local community initiatives.

Global Community Engagement Awards

In 2014, we introduced the Global Community Engagement Awards (GCEAs) to recognize, celebrate and reward the change-makers, innovators and humanitarians among us. The GCEAs recognize our employees who lead community engagement initiatives around the world and thus empower and inspire others to have an active attitude towards solving social problems and building a leadership culture in the company.

Read more about our Global Community Engagement Awards

Every day, our employees prove that people matter. Through local, national and global initiatives, we help create opportunities and raise living standards for people around the world. Every year, Global Community Engagement Awards and the Global Community Engagement Week give us the opportunity to recognize, celebrate and reward these inspiring initiatives while encouraging even greater community involvement throughout the year.

Community Engagement Activities

At Capgemini, we actively encourage employees at all levels to get involved in the communities in which they live and work. To ensure maximum impact, we align our community involvement with our business activities and client relationships with a focus on skills for the future, education and inclusion.

Our activities:

  • Volunteering:
    We empower and facilitate our employees to donate their time and skills for social or environmental issues. For example, over 500 volunteers from Capgemini Guatemala came together to raise funds and rebuild a school in a poor and marginalized area devastated by heavy floods in 2014.
  • Pro bono consultancy:
    We encourage our employees to leverage their professional skills without payment for the benefit of the community. For example, our team in North America spent 50 hours to redesign the online presence and customer experience for Wellesley Centers for Women – a premier women-and-gender-focused, social change oriented research and action institute at Wellesley College in Massachusetts.
  • Mentoring: Our employees share their skills and knowledge to support the development of those less privileged. For example, over 300 Capgemini volunteers give their time to Passeport Avenir, an NGO that coordinates a support system of corporate volunteers to provide mentoring, or to facilitate workshops and offer practical assistance for underprivileged pupils and students from 200 education institutions.
  • Financial contributions: We encourage extending support through scholarships to groups of people in our communities. For example, Capgemini India undertook a Girl Child Sponsorship program called Enlight that sponsors education of girl children from socio-economically disadvantaged families.
  • Fundraising: We motivate our employees to organize activities that help in raising funds to support an idea or a community. Monju Meah, our colleague from Capgemini UK along with a network of volunteers raised over £15,000 to support Syrian refugees in Jordan and Turkey. He worked closely with an NGO called United Aid Network to deliver food parcels, medical assistance, and means to clean and safe drinking water to over 1500 refugees.


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