Invent the future, with Capgemini Invent

Every successful organization asks itself: “What’s next?” However successful you are today, tomorrow is a new challenge. You either wait and see what it will bring, or take control and shape the future you want to see. Capgemini Invent gives you the means to take control.

What is Capgemini Invent?

Launched in September, Capgemini Invent is our new digital innovation, consulting, and transformation global business line. It’s a response to a world where survival means inventing new business models, new customer experiences, new products and services. It’s a response to the essential link that now exists between business and technology, and the impact this has on CxO decision making.

Capgemini Invent is 6,000 people representing the full spectrum of the Capgemini group’s technology, strategy, design, and business process expertise. Their job is to go beyond the conventional, to break new ground, to ask questions nobody else has thought of, and to create new, beautiful, and effective solutions to our clients’ challenges.

What’s next for Schneider Electric and Capgemini?

Schneider Electric is already working with some of the agencies now assembled under Capgemini Invent. The business value you have gained from that cooperation will be magnified by the synergies Capgemini Invent will foster. You can expect more joined-up, more far-reaching thinking backed up by some of the smartest talent on the planet.

Schneider Electric has challenged itself to invent the future for decades, and its answers have helped shape the world. Capgemini Invent can help you maintain that tradition even as the pace of change accelerates and the challenges multiply.

Christophe Piekarski, Capgemini Invent