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Connecting the dots: data sharing in the public sector

Governments today are expected to address a wide range of complex, interconnected challenges. This requires joined-up, data-driven, and evidence-based action. However, not all of the data that can best support such action is readily available. Therefore, data ecosystems – which provide a systematic approach to data sharing – have become vital for public sector organizations.

In our newest Capgemini Research Institute report, Connecting the dots: Data sharing in the public sector, we analyzed the topic of data ecosystems in the public sector in-depth to explore how public organizations can engage with data ecosystems. To support our research, we surveyed 1,000 senior officials from public sector organizations and interviewed over 20 senior public sector leaders and academics.

We found that respondents see data ecosystems as significantly beneficial to the public sector, believing they can contribute to improved efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes – and a 9.5% improvement in the use of funds and resources. However, despite this positive perception, only a small minority of public sector organizations have fully deployed data ecosystems. In addition to facing technological challenges, organizations must contend with people-based challenges – specifically regarding culture and trust.

With these challenges in mind, organizations must take a strategic approach. Our research highlights four priorities for public sector organizations wanting to embark on the path toward mature data ecosystems.

Download our full report to find out more about data sharing in the public sector.  

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Meet our experts

Pierre-Adrien Hanania

Global Offer Leader – Data & AI in Public Sector
As a member of the Public Sector team of Capgemini, I provide strategy and technology consultancy services on different aspects of digital transformation. The scope of my work covers all segments, whether defense and security, welfare and tax, public admin, or healthcare, building on a pluri-disciplinary vision and transversal levers to be activated across public services. At Capgemini, I lead the coordination of the European Public Sector, looking for ways to connect similar organizations across borders, according to their needs and digital journeys. 

Gianfranco Cecconi

Collaborative data ecosystems lead, Capgemini Invent
“The EU’s Data Governance Act has renewed the drive for governmental initiatives aiming to empower citizens, businesses, and organizations through data. The EU data strategy is alive and meaningful to all of us in the different roles we play in our data ecosystems. The Member States’ open data programs are among the pillars that this transformation builds upon.”

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