Key Performance Indicators and Balanced Scorecards

Studies show that up to 75% of companies make 25% more decisions than they were making 5 years ago. Central to effective business performance management is a framework to translate strategy into action.

Through tools such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Balanced Scorecards, Capgemini helps organizations make informed business decisions to improve company performance.

Improving Performance, Driving Change

Our portfolio of KPIs and Balanced Scorecard tools is proven to help your company improve its performance by up to 30%. We deploy future-oriented and transparent solutions that help your company’s managers learn to:

  • Intervene at the right points
  • Travel in safety with no surprises
  • Focus on "what should we do next?" rather that "what happened?"
  • Make the right trade-offs between competing, short-term and long-term investments

Building Better Business Decisions with Confidence

Capgemini understands that accurate, usable metrics based on data are the foundation of good decision making. Our approach involves collaborating with you to create a consistent framework for making business decisions with confidence. We create this framework by:

  • Identifying what makes money and what loses money
  • Creating a "line of sight" from operational activities through to corporate goals
  • Establishing the right targets, tailored to your goals
  • Aligning your organization and people around profitable activities
  • Improving your ability to identify and respond to market changes
  • Avoiding process waste
Successfully implementing these procedures, with the help of our KPIs and Balanced Scorecard tools, will improve your company’s decision-making ability and enable better performance.

Transforming Strategy Expertise into Effective Action

Capgemini has many years of experience in developing and deploying business information management frameworks that translate organizational strategy into effective actions. Our team of specialists has helped numerous major global companies in the financial, retail, telecom and public sectors to successfully implement a customized business information management framework.

Our expertise in tools related to KPIs and Balanced Scorecards includes:

  • Standard dashboards for sustainability
  • Customer contact centers
  • Industry KPI models
  • Information strategy designed to derive clear and consistent metrics
  • KPIs with data ownership and management strategies
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