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One Operations – real world operational benefits

Ramakrishnan Suryanarayanan
4 Jul 2022

One Operations delivers data-driven, AI-augmented operations, digitally transforming and unifying an organization’s target operating model to help realize strategic objectives at speed and scale.

In my previous article , we considered how One Operations helps global businesses to recalibrate their business models and successfully face challenges in the VUCA world – including how to stay competitive and to deliver greater value for shareholders, improve customer experience, and enhance performance.

In this article, we are going to look closely at the One Operations model and its benefits.

Integrating business processes to drive customer focus

One Operations is a new breed of transformation, helping to transform your organization to sustain profitable growth. It does this by reducing operational complexity and integrating processes from sales to delivery and from strategy to execution.

The comprehensive, intelligent, and seamless view that emerges gives the business more agility and responsiveness, with orchestrated data delivering greater business intelligence, and improved decision-making.

The result of this transformation introduces a new way of working empowering team members to focus on the activities that not only drive growth but also improve user skills and experience.

These activities are supplemented using digital tools and data insights to reduce friction for the customer in an omnichannel model supporting insights and predictive technology that knows what is next for the organization’s customers and teams.

Creating value and growth

Core to One Operations is the ability to unlock value and growth.

This includes removing sources of friction and integrating processes end-to-end and across domains such as sales, supply chain and finance functions, improving working capital and competitive cost base in the business pipeline.

Another way of unlocking value and growth is by aggregating data across the ecosystem, enhancing its quality, and introducing powerful new ways to analyze it, that creates new opportunities to improve margins.

This results in forecasts accuracy increase, improved order fill rates and reduced sales days outstanding. These values can be supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning enabling more accurate and faster decision-making.

Transforming at speed and scale

Fundamentally, One Operations involves transforming the operating model to deliver growth and value at pace and on a scale that businesses demand.

Capgemini’s strengths form a major part of the delivery:

  • Our expertise and experience will ensure that the target operating model is integrated, streamlined, intelligent and frictionless
  • Our technology hub will bring everything needed to support the effective and responsive target operating model
  • Our respected and recognized record of accomplishment in delivering business process outsourcing) enabled transformation, design, implementation, management, and maintenance of innovated solutions.

Management benefits

It is not just about measurable benefits, though. It is also about a general sense of better financial and operational control.

When processes are integrated from end to end, and are enhanced with smart technology, they are simpler, stronger, and easier to manage. Governance is improved, and so is risk management.

Business leaders can focus on growing the business, serving customers, and delivering value through transformation. This is supported by data insights that provide accurate operational performance indicators and process KPIs.

Partnership model

In a true partnership, Capgemini works as an extension of our client’s businesses, sharing goals, risks, rewards, and mindsets. As part of this partnership, Capgemini commits to:

  • Collaborate on design and development to create the business case, and co-invest with clients to deliver competitive position, speed to market, and increased shareholder value
  • Share targets based on business outcomes, including business waste reduction, dispatch rate improvement, and enhanced customer case fill on time
  • Take on our clients agreed end-to-end operational performance metrics.

As way of a summary, One Operations delivers data-driven, AI-augmented operations, digitally transforming and unifying an organization’s target operating model to help deliver growth, increased operational efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and reduced cost strategic objectives at speed and scale.

To learn more about how Capgemini’s One Operations transformation teams can support you through the challenging journey of strategic structural changes needed to realize value and transform your business, contact: