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One Operations – real world examples

Ramakrishnan Suryanarayanan
30 Jun 2022

One Operations shapes the future of your organization’s business operations to deliver growth, increased operational efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and reduced cost

In my previous articles, we covered the challenges, benefits, and operating model One Operations. In this article, we’re going to look at some real world cases that demonstrate our approach and success.

Delivering frictionless operations to a global FMCG company

This fast-moving consumer goods company has a multi-billion-euro turnover and employs over 150,000 people world-wide. Its 400+ products are used every day by billions of people around the world.

The organization was facing several challenges such as low order processing volume, and new products took too long to launch. Past performance analysis was taking around 70% of time, a monthly forecast could take up to 100 touches to be delivered and supply chain was facing a 30% gap on their trucks leaving half empty.

In addition to addressing these challenges, the company sought to increase revenue, lower costs and working capital, and liberate operational time and energy to focus on growth, creating a consumer mind-set, and an insight-driven, future-fit organization. 

In response, Capgemini collaborated with the client’s business to create and deploy a value centric Digital Global Operating Model (D-GEM) platform, with integrated frictionless processes enabled by simplified, connected technology. To accelerate transformation, we introduced “small-tech” automation, commencing value unlock as early as possible. Capgemini’s D-GEM platform is an overarching framework which makes business processes smarter, delivering data-driven insights, facilitating new intelligent enterprise platforms.

Based on our extensive knowledge of the organization and our D-GEM platform, we developed a best-in-class operational model that matched the business needs, culture, and aspirations. This implementation brought the following business outcomes to the client:

  • Increase in revenue of €150 million
  • Cost reduction of €50 million
  • Working capital reduction of €600 million
  • Supply chain forecast accuracy increased by 15%
  • Marketing promotions set up time decreased by 50%
  • Increase of 20% order fulfilment rate.

Transforming and integrating operations for global clients

Here, in brief, are a few other instances. 

First, a global drinks manufacturer aimed to integrate its operations to focus on growth. The program, in partnership with Capgemini, reimagined a new best-in-class operating model and delivered improved ability of the client’s organization to operate in a highly competitive fast changing environment. A proud moment for the team, the global sponsor acknowledged this: “Returning the local part of our business to where it really belongs and will perform best – in the hands of local companies – is a key enabler of the exciting transformation and growth of our business.”

Second, a global online retailer sought to consolidate its market position and enhance growth potential. Capgemini helped to build a transformation vision centered on the customer. This was supported by a digital strategy which made the business agile in executing change, embedding a culture of innovation and based on a frictionless enterprise model. As an example of a transformation use case, the retailer’s customers were able to use their online identity to log into physical stores for a more seamless shopping experience. 

Finally, a global manufacturer of consumer goods committed to a digital revolution enabled by an end-to-end supply chain model. The transformation connected previously siloed steps from suppliers to retailers. The approach provided significant value to end-consumers by taking advantage of the large-scale application of advanced analytics and digital technology. This led to faster-than-ever response times, by focusing on advanced planning processes, minimizing unnecessary inventory, and acceleration of the system.

Fast-forward to the Frictionless Enterprise 

One Operations puts your organizations at the heart of your business, removing complexity, integrating business processes, and delivering the data, insights, and technology you need to eliminate manual execution of repetitive tasks.

In turn, this enables your organization to transition to – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise

To learn more about how Capgemini’s One Operations transformation teams can support you through the challenging journey of strategic structural changes needed to realize value and transform your business, contact: