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One Operations – drive integrated, frictionless business operations

Ramakrishnan Suryanarayanan
30 Jun 2022

One Operations leverages a “one team, one target, one journey” approach that delivers integrated, frictionless business operations to drives enhanced operational efficiency and sustainable growth.

Imagine an enterprise without functional silos; a global business integrated across its entire ecosystem of functions, customers, and suppliers, and focused on profitable growth; a business with agility to adopt quickly in challenging adverse times.

What is One Operations?

At Capgemini we have created a vision, a new breed of the digital enterprise called One Operations an end-to-end digital operating model which can enable your business to re-shape its future to deliver growth, innovation, customer focus.

One Operations removes complexity and integrates processes, data and technology to help you to focus on strategy and growth, whilst your business is run efficiently and effectively, from innovate to plan-to-cash.

Why was One Operations developed?

One Operations helps to adjust quickly to the ever-changing complex external environment. It is well known that business conditions operate in cycles: they get difficult, they improve, and they get tough again.

Prior to the global pandemic, companies could afford to be slow in their response to disruptive market trends. Now the pressure is to respond quickly to significant online demand, changing consumer, and commercial customer expectations.

These demands require companies to respond faster and be agile across multiple channels avoiding silo based ways of working. But even if you are in a niche with a slower pace and fewer disruptions, One Operations can help you realize significant value for your shareholders, from better integration and more effective decisions, to increased operational efficiencies.

What are the components of One Operations?

One Operations is anchored on three pillars of transformation:

  • Re-inventing the organization – refocus your business on growth: customer focus, innovation, and beating market trends
  • Unlocking value and growth – focus on value creation through new capabilities such as frictionless integration, touchless forecasts, and better connected decisions and plans. Capgemini’s Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM) is a flexible, digital business transformation platform that provides a complete overview of your people, processes, technology, and governance with control points – to accelerate the transition to future proof processes
  • Transforming at speed and scale – leverage digital accelerators to drive rapid transformation and value realization.

What are the benefits of One Operations?

No matter what type of business you are, One Operations can help to identify and realize value which goes beyond basic process efficiencies and labor arbitrage. One Operations looks at value unlocks end-to-end, generating positive impact on a number of important areas which typically remain “untouched” by transformation:

  • Accelerate innovation that drives better speed-to-market for new products and enhanced success rate for innovation
  • Optimize marketing and trade investment through integration, better transparency of investment decisions, and agility of decisions enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics
  • Free up operational energies to re-focus business to drive growth
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and user experience
  • Improve operational and financial controls
  • Streamline, simplify, and automate business processes
  • Adopt AI to deliver faster and more accurate decision-making
  • Drive improved financial outcomes, including increased revenue growth, lower costs, and lower working capital.

One Operations – drive efficiency and growth

One Operations leverages a unifying innovative framework that can you improve your operational efficiency and achieve sustainable growth in several ways:

  • Make full use of consumer insights and data, to increase brand relevance, product/service personalization and innovation.
  • Achieve consistency between back-office finance and supply chain management processes
  • Accelerate adoption of e-commerce
  • Simplify and automate business operations to reduce costs
  • Increase the extent to which AI is adopted in their decision-making.

In short, One Operations delivers integrated, frictionless business operations, enabling your teams to focus on what really matters.

To learn more about how Capgemini’s One Operations transformation teams can support you through the challenging journey of strategic structural changes needed to realize value and transform your business, contact: