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Business model innovation for the Intelligent Enterprise

Aditya Kamalapurkar
July 15, 2020

Few can argue with the dramatic behavioral shift consumers have had when it comes to media consumption over the last decade – the exponential addiction to social media albeit with an aversion to advertisements and increasing dependence on e-commerce. With instant gratification the new norm, second screens complimenting this effect, and, the intent to spend more on preferred brands for stay-at-home necessities, which includes home entertainment, are there business model innovation opportunities? At the Capgemini SAP Center of Excellence, the innovation team saw a unique opportunity to introduce a new way of collaboration between broadcasters, brands, and viewers.

Remember that “Olympic Ale” poster by Brasserie de la Madeleine in ‘Allo ‘Allo you really wanted? Or the hats Raymond Reddington wears in Blacklist? Or just one of the many quirky t-shirts Sheldon wore in the Big Bang Theory? How easy was it to buy it as soon as you saw it? Or did you like it and couldn’t figure out how to buy it? Or did you want to buy it, but forgot after a few days? What if there was a way to buy it with one click as soon as you saw what you liked without annoying advertisements?

We put together a bunch of Innovation champions, domain experts, digital-marketing specialists, data scientists, UI/UX designers, and architects to solve this problem! They designed and built a second-screen application for use with companion devices such as smart phones and tablets to enhance the customer experience of purchasing content while engaged on a first screen such as a TV or computer, or while part of an event. It’s not just “shop what you see.” We’re creating new ways of interacting with soap operas, sport, talk shows, or in-person, real-life events such as fashion shows.

While from an end-user perspective we’ve reimagined the app to allow viewers to instantly buy products such as apparel, decor, accessories, vehicles, and other items related to the shows they are watching “live,” we’re also reimagining the entire experience of how content creators, broadcasters, and brand merchandizers could work efficiently and profitably, and innovatively change. Using all the new-age technologies in the entire lifecycle – from moment of inspiration to delivery (AL/ML, voice assistants, image recognition, IoT, blockchain, cloud, etc.) – welcome to the new era of e-commerce channels, efficient pricing, product cataloguing, smart advertising, web shop experience, billing and payment procedures, and understanding customer sentiment.

Digital Core with SAP S/4HANA

With traditional ways of eye-ball capture advertising (all large and highly viewed events) impacted in the near-term and possibly on the slightly longer term, companies that don’t adapt, reduce marketing spend, or use data to understand their consumers will diminish. Companies that use digital and data to tactically redistribute and strategically reorganize their spend will emerge winners!

Could marketing differently enhance brand image to become more powerful irrespective of the platform? Could a consumer have a faster and personalized shopping experience? Could broadcasters drive higher viewership? Could show producers and artists change the brand ambassador dynamics?

The Intelligent Enterprise journey is at a now-or-never tipping point. That’s why at Capgemini we are building a renewable enterprise! To build PoCs while we identify how you can innovate your business, see our demos and accelerators live in action, visit us at our Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange Centers or contact David Lowson, Brad Little, Elisabetta Spontoni or me directly!