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Asset Revamping software helps people keep business continuity while being entirely remote

April 9, 2020

However, in these last days, the trend of isolated work has skyrocketed and companies are looking for new ways to establish alternative digital environments almost on a dime to keep collaboration at its work-from-the-office levels. A lot of collaborative software tools help people keep in touch and interact with colleagues, be it videoconferencing, virtual meetings, virtual event platform tools, etc. However, when it comes to more sophisticated requirements involving complex engineering and operations data with high security, when employees need to have remote access to confidential business assets, the challenge is doubled.

Businesses today revolve around teamwork, which leads to the extensive use of shared knowledge assets and project collaboration tools. Capgemini has an industry-proven solution under its Open Cascade portfolio that has enabled industrial clients to succeed with remote collaboration. Laser-focused on converting challenges of Industry 4.0 into real business opportunities, Open Cascade helps industrial companies avoid serious disruption of their day-to-day operations.

Under the Open Cascade portfolio, Asset Revamping is a powerful solution for fully secure remote collaboration. This is a one-of-a-kind client-server web application providing quick access to realistic, interactive, and easy-to-use heterogeneous 3D data from any device across worldwide locations. In other words, Asset Revamping is a one-place storage, where large amounts of 3D industrial datasets can be aggregated in a few days and easily accessed afterwards by unlimited number of stakeholders.

While working iteratively, employees from different locations can remotely access 3D models (CAD and Point Cloud) or large assemblies representing complex industrial objects or facilities, review them, navigate through large-scale scenes, highlight critical areas, leave comments, simulate different scenarios, etc.

Asset Revamping makes it possible to remotely perform such operations as design review, preparation of maintenance jobs and security team interventions, quality control, etc. Effective remote collaboration, advanced project review and analyzing capabilities of the solution eliminate the need for international travels, and allow multiple users in isolated locations to keep on collaborating. This solution has enabled digital continuity from engineering to operations to asset management for our industrial clients.

While most organizations are looking for effective ways to shift to WFH, Open Cascade offers not only the out-of-the-box software, but is ready to provide the deployment services, releasing the client from extra burden. Upon request, Asset Revamping can be deployed on premises or a vendor-hosted model. The latest is a really hustle-free option, requiring the client only to provide information about the number of users and volume of data that will be migrated on a remote server on a vendor side.

To rapidly respond to digital collaboration and at the same time maintain industrial operations at optimal levels, companies can waste a lot of precious time searching for a solution provider or an expert consultant. Please remember that in this case safety and security matter the most and it is better to look at seasoned experts whose solutions are client-proven and trusted. Having more than 20 years of successful background, Open Cascade offers clients innovative solutions, which answer the newest trends of Industry 4.0 and meet all safety levels. Asset Revamping is our way of enabling the Intelligent Industry.

About Open Cascade

Open Cascade is a software development company that is laser-focused on the digital transformation of industries through the use of 3D technologies. Open Cascade offers a wide range of high-performance proprietary 3D software tools both open-source and commercial. The open source Open Cascade Technology has been developed, maintained and continuously improved since 2000. Whereas the commercial tools have been progressively aggregated as a platform based on which modern tailor-made industrial solutions are created. Solutions that meet even the most sophisticated client’s requirements. Moreover, Open Cascade expands its portfolio by offering end-user industrial software products and delivering software customization and integration services. Open Cascade provides its solutions and services worldwide and is a part of Capgemini’s Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services global business line.

You can find more details about Open Cascade here.


Mikhail Kazakov Managing Director – Open Cascade Expert in Digital Manufacturing