Business Process Analytics

According to a recent survey, one of the biggest impediments to effective decision making using big data is a shortage of skilled analysts. BPO service providers can cost- effectively bridge this gap with Business Process Analytics.

Business Process Analysis and Insights

There's a wealth of structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources that businesses rely on to make effective decisions. However, the information that executives can access is often limited or not available in the time or format needed to offer a complete picture.

Our Business Process Analytics solutions bring the technology, process, and people you need to gain better insight within and across your business processes. We have developed solutions that are aligned with the executive agenda to ensure the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time and in the right context.

A Comprehensive Business Process Analytics Solution Set

Our solutions use a flexible, multi-purpose technology platform that converts multiple sources of unstructured data into one structured view. Advanced audit and analytics tools are then applied by our centralized team of skilled analysts to interpret the data and provide relevant insights to key stakeholders.

The result is better insights for decision making and better performance of your business processes without having to recruit and train personnel or continually invest in new technology.

Our CFO Analytics solution has been developed to deliver outcomes that are aligned with the CFO agenda, providing:

  • Revenue Analytics:
    • Improve conversion of customer query to order
    • Enhance credit & collection performance
    • Reduce billing leakage and more sell-ons
  • Expenses Analytics:
    • Recover erroneous or duplicate payments
    • Increase compliance with procurement policy
    • Gain informed views of global spend
  • Risk Analytics:
    • Monitor key controls in real-time
    • Prevent failures with predictive indicators
    • Better mitigate risk
  • Working Capital Analytics:
    • Optimize treasury performance
    • Reduce write-off of stock and bad debt
    • Use discounts & promotions more effectively

We also offer Customer Insight Center Services that use the power of big data to help you gain a competitive advantage in the areas of:

  • Customer Interaction Analytics
    • Voice
    • Social
    • Satisfaction
    • Self service (web, IVR)
  • Customer Process analytics
    • Marketing/campaign data
    • Sales/transaction data
    • Order management data

Capgemini: A Recognized Leader in Business Process Analytics

Capgemini BPO has a proven track record of transforming business processes in the areas of finance and accounting, supply chain management, procurement, and customer operations management. This experience extends to our Business Process Analytics solutions that offer enterprise-wide analytics and insights as a centrally-operated managed service. Our capabilities have been recognized by IDC who has positioned Capgemini as a leader in BPO analytics.

Because we work with a diverse client base, we have the advantage of being able to see, on a broader scale, current trends in business processes. Combining this insight with our expertise and knowledge of best practices, makes us well placed to truly understand your company’s requirements and offer the right support.

Examples of how we have helped clients:

  • Our revenue assurance analytics solution identified $3 million in duplicate invoice payments for a global beverage company, 80% of which we are recovering
  • We applied supply chain accounting analytics for a leading consumer goods manufacturer to reduce waste from slow moving stocks with yearly savings of $15 million
  • An electronic gaming company gained critical insights into how the market responded to a new product launch through social media analytics
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