Elastic Analytics

An integrated analytics platform available on the Amazon Cloud for rapid deployment. Providing a series of pre-integrated common Business Information (BI), big data and analytical technologies to match your specific needs. Available for immediate deployment in an enterprise wrapper to ensure reliability and ease of use.

Elastic Analytics: End-to-End Business Intelligence and Big Data in the Cloud

A Powerful BI and Big Data Solution

Organizations are struggling with the ability to drive clarity and value from data and increased demand for insight of the data from business users.

An enterprise-ready solution built on cloud technology can help companies leverage advanced analytics and deliver faster time-to-value results. Cloud enablement removes the complexities and costs of infrastructure, procurement time, configuration and support resources.

Organizations also need a flexible, competitive application licensing model where they can easily add new and emerging technologies to their analytics capabilities in either a new or “bring your own” license mode.

Get Immediate Business Insights

Elastic Analytics is an end-to-end cloud solution that enables you to benefit from advanced analytics via Amazon Web Services (AWS).
We use a series of preconfigured landscapes based on a wide range of leading BI, big data and analytical technologies. This means we can rapidly deploy a solution in the cloud to match and extend your existing analytics landscape, giving you the ability to scale rapidly both horizontally and vertically.  The cloud allows you to address new information needs, and regulatory and disaster recovery requirements at a much lower cost than traditional solutions.

The solution comes with Capgemini’s COMPLETE service, which provides a layer of infrastructure, networking, engineering and administrative capabilities to manage the AWS environment – making it enterprise resilient.

Our approach to Enterprise Analytics delivers a highly scalable, secure environment that can be provisioned and  leveraged within minutes:
  • Ability to shift infrastructure capital to OpEx
  • Service level management, with SLAs tuned to individual business needs, service desk, change management as well as license and asset management
  • Orchestration of cloud operations as an integration point for service management capabilities, service catalogue and templates, automated provisioning of virtual systems, and proven application Quick Start Templates
  • Redundancy built-in or designed for high availability, thus meeting specific service level requirements
  • On-demand Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) through AWS, with the ability to expand and contract as needed
  • Network security, virtual private networks (VPNs), governance, and meeting compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Platform monitoring and virtualization management of the virtual environment
Capgemini has delivered over twenty Elastic Analytics engagements to a broad range of customers across multiple industries, delivering tangible results. Our comprehensive service provides full capabilities in:
  • Infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Engineering
  • Administration
Companies have leveraged Capgemini’s Elastic Analytics to:
  • Create an on-demand data warehouse
  • Fully deploy a retail analytics capability in the AWS cloud
  • Test proof of concepts and big data technology
  • Build a Competitive Intelligence portal for executives
  • Address significant data loading and performance issues
  • Establish a Center of Excellence and an authorized framework that allows LOBs to deploy cloud-approved applications onto AWS
  • Provide a platform for breast cancer research
  • Deploy a data science sandbox to deliver automotive analytics 
  • Optimize data storage capacity
  • Execute production SharePoint workloads 
  • Develop and test SAP applications


Elastic Analytics is about delivering what the business needs, at the point the business needs it, in the way the business needs it, and at a cost that the business decides is acceptable for that specific insight. It’s about preventing procurement cycles from constraining the business and wasting CapEx.

Ultimately, it’s about putting the power of information and insight into the hands of the business leaders who must use it.

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