Text Analytics

As much as 60% of corporate data is unstructured, and many companies lack the strategies to harness this wealth of hidden information. Capgemini’s Text Analytics tools help you filter your data to maximize the value of your content management systems.

Derive Intelligent Insights from Your Data

Unstructured text sources can contain critical information about business opportunities and risks. For example, valuable feedback from customers may be buried in CRM tools or emails, and key compliance information contained in various records and contracts may be overlooked.

Our text analytics solutions help you derive intelligent insight from the data you already possess but cannot easily access. This enables you to:

  • Discover and control communications risks
  • Detect and manage compliance
  • Protect and monitor the use of intellectual property
  • Analyze insurance, warranty and customer claims
  • Manage the customer experience
  • Acquire competitive intelligence
  • Improve business operations

Giving You the Keys to Unlock Your Data

Our approach to text analytics integrates innovative processes, tools and solutions to help you access and leverage structured and unstructured data.

We begin by using a rapid design and visualization toolkit to assess your requirements and minimize the design and deploy timeframe. We then employ a scorecard methodology to conduct text analytics evaluations and recommend the appropriate tools and solutions to meet your needs.

Throughout the process, we draw on our Collaborative Business Experience™ approach to foster a spirit of partnership and collaboration between all project stakeholders.

Our Investment in Text Analytics

Capgemini has extensive experience using text analytics to give our clients a sustained competitive advantage. For example, we devised a predictive model to identify claims that would otherwise have been neglected. We also used this approach to help a major manufacturer detect quality risks in its operations.

We have identified text analytics as a promising new technology and invested accordingly. We established an R&D center in India to research the application of speech and video analytics to real business scenarios.

Our strong partnerships with all leading technology vendors provide valuable resources and knowledge in this area, and we also collaborate with emerging and open source text analytics vendors.

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