Data Governance

As the business world grows increasingly complex, companies need to know where their data is coming from, who owns it and who is responsible for what. Capgemini provides Data Governance solutions that build a solid framework to reduce data complexity.

Better Workflow through Better Governance

Capgemini's Data Governance solutions have an immediate impact across all of your business operations. Our services and solutions cover the full range of data governance, from consulting to implementation. As a result, you benefit from:

  • Reduced development and support costs
  • Clearly defined audit trail and responsibilities
  • Reliable information
  • Consistency, efficiency and accountability

Our solutions can also develop approaches for:

  • People: executive sponsorship, business ownership, data governance council, data stewardship team
  • Process: integration of people, process and technology, change management
  • Technologies: dictionary, metadata, process modeling, governance workflow
  • Methodologies: data quality framework, data governance framework
  • Process Improvement: ownership and accountability, impact analysis, authority and mandate
  • Tools: data profiling, metadata database, data quality reports

Standardize and Structure Your Business

Our approach to data governance is based on a proven methodology, and honed through real-world experience. This means we have a much firmer platform from which to resolve data-related issues. Our methodology involves the following steps:

  • Capture, analyze and streamline your organization's objectives at different levels
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current business and information management processes
  • Measure current and recommended compliance levels
  • Map your organization's objectives and provide recommendations to shape a data governance program
  • Assign data governance and data quality responsibilities to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used by managers
  • Introduce a standardized and structured business approach with clear policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities

We employ a collaborative approach to ensure our solutions address your business needs. Our Accelerated Solutions Environment brings creativity and collaboration together to unleash group genius. As a result, breakthrough solutions and action plans can be developed in days rather than months.

A Wealth of Experience in Data Governance Implementation

Capgemini's team of Data Governance specialists has over 10 years of hands-on experience in helping companies use data governance solutions to increase productivity and savings.

Recently, we collaborated with a major international airline. Our team helped the organization switch from a legacy system by moving all bookings and ticketing data to a data warehouse. We developed a comprehensive roadmap, covering strategy, architecture, design, delivery and operations. This equipped them to successfully implement a data governance framework across its IT and commercial business units. These changes provide the leadership team with a consistent and universal view of information across the organization.

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