My usual work day


My usual work day is boring…… that’s what others might say. But my work is made immensely interesting by the challenges thrown at me by the work we do at Capgemini. We are always inspiring to innovate, learn, and to go that extra mile. It is the best that I could have asked for.


My life at Capgemini


I joined Capgemini as a fresher and I can safely say-“You don’t miss your college and family when at Capgemini”. The freshers’ learning program was filled with extensive training, challenging assignments and a flavor of professional work etiquette. It was not just a learning process, it also inculcated confidence and ambition in us. At Capgemini, we all know that our target is to reach the zenith.


Places I have been


I have been the likes of Rajasthan, Agra, Lucknow, all of the North East, Orissa, Goa, and many more of the beautiful cities of India. So far during my stay at Pune, I have been to Lavasa, Lonavala, Khandala, along with treks to forts like Tikona and Sinhagarh. I hope to cover many more such spots.


Projects I’m proud of


I have been part of more than a few assignment projects and POCs, each and every one of them has been a new achievement that I am definitely proud of.


My personal life


My life starts and ends with my friends and family. I love playing Table Tennis and indulging in recreational activities such as sketching, writing, gardening and many more. I am always up for a random trip, I just can’t keep from an exciting experience. Apart from these, at Capgemini we have our own bits with the tea breaks, and the “taprie” shacks… it brings us all much closer and makes Capgemini even more special.


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