Soumya Koppikar

Associate Consultant

Capgemini indeed has provided me amazing opportunities right at the start of my career by helping me build my skillset to take up more challenges.

  • How do you feel in the morning getting up and going to work at Capgemini?
    Every day brings in a fresh set of challenges which I look to convert into opportunities that enhance my learning experience. Being a Chrysalis Hire with the role being into a contract and commercial management, I am presented with varied tasks that make the day more exciting and dim the monotony.
  • What do you love about your job?
    Just 6 months into the organization, I have got the opportunity to explore a lot of things. Be it the Gradathon campaign, the Europe TLC Young professionals meet-up, working on contracts and commercials of my account, putting in efforts for the newsletter for the client, the opportunities have indeed made me enjoy my days at work. Being an avid cricket blogger, at Capgemini, I did manage to collaborate on an account related article for the Talent page. To add to it, the support and encouragement of my colleagues have made the ride easier.
  • How does Capgemini empower you to master your skills?
    Capgemini in a short span of time has helped me develop my skill set related to the role by exposing me to the challenges, having colleagues who let me deep dive into the contract-commercial aspect in spite of being a fresher in this role.
  • How does Capgemini help support your sense of purpose in your career?
    Being curious and constantly learning something new has been my outlook. Being a Chrysalis hire, the mentoring journey is one aspect which is closely linked to my sense of purpose in my career. Mentors help me overcome my challenges and provide me with more opportunities to gauge my interest. Indeed, it has been a great outing in the past 6 months at Capgemini. 
  • How does Capgemini give you the autonomy to make decisions?
    Seniors at Capgemini are providing me with enough opportunities to learn new things and thereby letting me take responsibility for my tasks, thereby encouraging me to take decisions. This indeed is helping me grow quickly and develop an approach to tackle complex situations.
  • What do you love about the way of working at Capgemini?
    People matter, Results Count. Indeed, the tagline is a perfect amalgamation of Life at Capgemini.
  • How does this all combine for you to have the passion for what you do?
    Being in a client facing role, exposure to different aspects of the business through contracts, dealing with numbers in the commercials, keeping up with my passion for writing through the client newsletter has all made my passion come to play at work.
  • What was the most memorable moment in your Capgemini journey?
    On a personal note, I was part of the Chrysalis Hire Program for the incoming batch of 2019. I went to my Alma mater, Welingkar Institute of Management as an Alumnus to share my experience in Capgemini. Indeed it was a surreal experience as it has just been six months into the organization and I was presented with this opportunity. Definitely, a moment I will treasure for a long time.
  • What are you an Ace at?
    I have always been interested in numbers and research. I definitely ace at interpreting numbers and reading between the lines.

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Soumya Koppikar