Shubham Goel

Associate Consultant
  • How do you feel in the morning, getting up and going to work at Capgemini?

I am really motivated to go to my workplace, owing to the kind of people I meet there and the ambience of the place. It gives me immense joy to meet happy faces, interact with them, discuss and solve our problems together. The whole process of it is incredible and keeps me going and growing!

  • What do you love about your job?

I work as a backend developer in Salesforce technology for DCX BU. While it was initially very new and challenging for me to learn the technology, it enabled me to interact with several people. I feel immensely blessed to have had the opportunity to be mentored by some amazing seniors with a positive and progressive mindset. I hope to add on to their contributions with creativity and innovation!

  • How does Capgemini empower you to master your skills?

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and work with some awesome seniors/mentors who believe in quality work. Seeing them have a positive and progressive attitude towards their work motivated me to be sincere in whatever I do.

  • How does Capgemini support your sense of purpose in your career?

Capgemini lets me voice my opinions freely within the organization.

  • What do you aspire to achieve in your career in technology?

Honestly, I haven’t thought much about it! But I want to be a keen learner and keep enhancing my technical skills!

  • What do you love about the work culture at Capgemini?

I believe it is the people I have met so far at Capgemini. I’ve been lucky to have met extremely hardworking, yet super cool seniors/mentors!

  • What was your most memorable moment so far in Capgemini?

L1 training – our Java classroom training for 3 months in Mumbai, Airoli office. That’s when my journey started.

  • What are you an Ace at?

I work as a Backend developer for SFCC – Lyons team. I have always believed that most problems can be easily solved with the right conversations. I aim to build a work environment for my team wherein we all work to learn and learn to work for it!  That can only happen if we converse with each other. I believe I am a keen learner and knowing that there’s still a lot more to learn is what keeps me going!

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“I love to unlearn that I know. I ace at learning that which I don’t!”

Shubham Goel