My usual work day


My day starts with listening to melodious songs while performing yoga. Later, with a cup of coffee, I check my mails. On reaching office I create a to-do list of the day and start working on them. My work demands collaborating with the US team which require me to work a little late in the night.


My life at Capgemini


I joined Capgemini in 2013 and since then it has been an exciting journey. Capgemini gave me the opportunity to not only grow in my core technical skills but also helped develop leadership skill sets. I also got the opportunity to work with well-informed counterparts which took my knowledge and thought process to the next level and helped me win many awards.


Places I have been


I am not an outdoor person but yes I do love to travel. I have been to Tamil Nadu, Kerela and few places in Karnataka.


Projects I’m proud of


I am proud of my contribution to the Customer Intelligence project which gave me an opportunity to get noticed and recognized by the CEO of an enterprise-focused Fortune 500 organization. I also received an award on client’s Tech Day for my contribution to the innovative idea for the Customer Experience project.


My personal life


I am a bit shy kind of a person. I like spending time at a silent place. I am close to very few people. I like listening to music and exploring new places.