My usual work day


“DISCIPLINE” is my Mantra. I prefer to come and leave on time. It’s a quick glance at my Inbox to attend to escalations, if any. And then I review AM service parameters to ensure we are on track.

I conduct periodic reviews with SDMs and Domain leaders. My responsibilities also include challenging teams to think differently and industrialize processes. I meet cross functional leaders and deliberate on what more we could deliver to facilitate decision making.

I believe in sharing and inculcating simple but effective methods of programming and application management techniques.


My life at Capgemini


I started my innings at Capgemini eight years back with a 20 member team. I successfully delivered an in-house application that has now been operative for more than 4-5 years and in the process grew the team to 70+. The past couple of years were much more enriching with implementations in BI & Analytics Solutions. My capabilities developed to deliver RWD & Mobile applications. I find internal projects in themselves are very demanding and challenging. Management’s and Business leaders’ support was the key to my success.


Places I have been


My work has taken me to many good place in and outside India. Some of the international places I have been to for work are Australia, China, France and Netherlands.

Apart from my work tours, I have travelled a lot with my family and  I feel proud when I see my children exploring and experiencing new lifestyles of different countries. My first international trip with my family was to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Post that there was a trip to Middle East and South Africa. South Africa holds a special place in my mind and heart, and I recommend that everyone should visit this place once in lifetime. We as a family enjoyed sky-diving, bungee jumping, ostrich rides and a short to visit to Leapoard’s cage too!.

Port Blair is another destination which amused us with its corals, colourful fishes, waters and scenic beauty. I strongly crave to visit North-East India and would want to explore the nature there.


Projects I’m proud of


Delivered analytical dashboards to help mgt track “Competitiveness”

30-40% applications which were developed for one unit were industrialized in 2-3 more units in Capgemini East.

A number of in-house applications replaced licensed products resulting in huge savings.


My personal life


I am a people’s person and cannot imagine going solo. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing experiences.

I love watching sporting events, and follow Chelsea Football Club in the English Premier League. As a true Indian, I follow cricket of course and prefer the T20 format for its compactness.

My family of 2 daughters and my wife travel International once every two years. We have visited United States, South Africa, Middle East, and the Far East in the recent past. Love to spend time with my daughters and Simba, my pet Labrador.