My usual work day

I start my day early with a Yoga session or a morning walk. This is the meditative part of my day and my cherished “me time.”   On most days, I try to leave for work by 7.30 – 8 am, as soon as my children leave for school.
During my drive, I prioritize and plan (or atleast try to!) my day. Once at work, I spend the first hour or so on something that requires me to focus. It could be a solution we are designing, a customer RFP or the latest BIM and Advanced analytics trend. 
I log into my mails an hour or so later.  From then on my day is an explosion of activities around sales, pre-sales, delivery or operations. I could be anchoring customer visits or be having a call with our teams on RFPs or solutions. Solution review and providing inputs to teams is another core activity. I also address delivery issues and spend substantial amount of time around general operations; interviewing, planning, addressing key resourcing gaps and addressing people concerns. Some days, I may be at the customer location discussing solutions, participating in workshops and helping sell BIM services.
On most days, I leave work by 4.30 – 5 pm and try and make it home in time for children’s activities, homework and dinner. Since I interact with worldwide teams, I may still have calls, and have learnt to successfully juggle calls during this time.
Later in the evening, I log back into my mails for an hour or so to take care of anything that I need to revert urgently.

My life at Capgemini

Working at Capgemini is a rewarding learning experience. The extent of experts in each and every geography with all of their diverse views coming together to craft  solutions in a collaborative way for our clients brings out the best in both, thought leadership and execution with a distinct local flavor. 

Places I have been

Recent places that I have been to are Oslo (client presentation), Goa (Gartner Symposium) and Helsinki (client workshop).

Projects I’m proud of

Being part of the Big Data and Analytics Global Launch at Capgemini
Being part of the winning team that crafted the response to a key account which went on to figure in the list of top clients added by Capgemini globally in 2012
Creation of a SAS CoE to provide a forum for people to reach out for support and enablement

My personal life

My personal life is a kaleidoscope of activities around my family and my personal passion for gardening, and learning about indigenous art forms.