My usual work day


My day starts quite early around 6 to 6.30 am beginning with worshipping the sun followed by a yoga session and then visiting the Gurudwara.  Being an environment conscious individual I drive to work in a car pool with colleagues who live nearby.

The obvious first task at work is to look into my emails and calendar which pretty much shapes the rest of my day.

I usually have lunch and tea with my boss and mentor, and have our joint tea break at 3 pm as well. I look forward to this break time as most of the good things that we see in transition have emerged during this session. Pearls of wisdom over tea!

Evening is planned accordingly based on what time my car pool colleague’s complete their day. Then we’ve our rendezvous with the crazy Mumbai traffic. It takes close to 1.5 hours to reach home. Any time saved which helps reach our homes earlier is a sense of achievement!

My life at Capgemini


Capgemini is a great place to work at. It helps you bring out the best in you as the leaders empower you, motivate and help you achieve or align your aspirations. The investment made in training sessions and development is immense. While trainings are provided it’s the difference made by the investment of leaders who ensure you reach the finishing line.

The seven values are ways of life as they are so well ingrained during the on-boarding process and the fun loving environment is only an icing to the cake.

Places I have been


Capgemini has made me see the world and different cultures. As Transition Managers, we live out of our suitcases. My first trip to Brussels in winter was something to remember… slipping in snow!

I have travelled the globe from US to Australia of which I frequently visit the Schengen states.

At Les Fontaines, France, in February 2007, I attended the first Global Transition meeting, which laid the foundation of transition in building methodology, tools, processes and most importantly it brought  all Core Transition Managers together under one roof.


Projects I’m proud of


For an entertainment giant in USA: Here as Offshore Transition Manager I could demonstrate our capability and build credibility of the transition team. Here is where I used the transition portal for the first time and today is a big differentiator across competition.

For one of the largest consumer products companies in Australia: This was a key win for Australia and we were under immense pressure to deliver. In addition, this was also a pioneer and amongst the initial purely India led transitions so it just doubled the pressure to deliver, and I am proud to say we came out with flying colors achieving a  customer OTACE of 5/5.

For a global enterprise: Was a key win for Radical Rightshore® BU in 2012. With this client, it was a unique and one of its kind Transitions. This was a non-standard transition with new dimensions to consider of AM, IM and Staff transfer of 530. I led this transition with 99% staff joining Capgemini, delivered on schedule, an under run and achieved customer OTACE of 5/5.


My personal life


Short description of my life outside of work: a mother, loyal, good company, inspirational, committed, great at building new relationships/friends, hard working and artifacts collector, practicing yoga and engaging in Kathak dance.

Weekends are spent being with family, friends, wine and dine, making Indian sweets for my family.