Anjali Nair

Software Associate
  • How do you feel in the morning, getting up and going to work at Capgemini

 I get up with a positive mindset knowing that I will definitely get to learn something new. I look forward to learning new concepts from my colleagues and ensure that I stay updated with the current tech trends.

  • What do you love about your job?

I am currently in my training period where I get to learn a broad array of new concepts to improve my skills every day. The fact that we’re encouraged to have fun is what makes Capgemini such a great place to work at. The training sessions are hands-on and highly interactive. This only helps us get a better grasp on the concepts.

  • How does Capgemini empower you to master your skills?

One of the best things about Capgemini is that the focus is not just to help us improve our technical skills but our overall personality as well. The organization has had a tremendous impact on several facets of my life.

  • What do you aspire to achieve in your career in technology?

We very well know that technology is meant to make our lives easier. From booking a simple flight ticket to carrying out bank transactions, technology is everywhere. As an IT professional, I aim to create and develop responsive solutions that will make our lives easier and much more comfortable.

  • What do you love about the work culture at Capgemini?

The most important thing is that it is not only about learning from the books. It is about understanding the concepts and their impact in real life. I also love the way how there is a perfect balance between fun and learning.

  • What are you an Ace at?

I am looking forward to learning new and upcoming technologies and develop a positive attitude to ace my career at Capgemini.

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 “I love codes and errors. I ace developing.”

Anjali Nair