My usual work day


I usually wake up around 8 or 9 am in the morning and drink one liter of water. After an hour, I take my breakfast while watching the news of the day and also going through my course for correspondence studies. By afternoon, I start getting ready for work, and prepare food. I reach office by 3:30pm and my works finishes by 12:30am. I aim to jog two to three times a week.


My life at Capgemini


I am very excited to share my experience with Capgemini so far. I joined here in August 2013, and it has been such a nice journey for me. The team treats me like a family member and makes me feel so comfortable that I never think about my disability. I have earned a good amount of knowledge here and the credit goes to Capgemini. People create a good environment here and I have a bunch of good friends who are always there to share knowledge, promote team work, respect every individual and have fun together. All this contributes in making Capgemini one of the best places to work. Once again, a big thanks to Capgemini!


Places I have been


Most parts of my own country I have travelled, but I haven’t explored any places abroad. I am waiting for the right time.


Projects I’m proud of


Received the Best Performance Award in appreciation of my outstanding performance during a quarter of 2014.

Process idea- Suggested an idea for reducing learning time.


My personal life


I love food, movies, sports, books and clothes. I spend weekends by visiting mall. I like to travel to different places.