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Voice Assistant – The New Glass!

Voice as an interaction channel has become a reality. The release of affordable voice-enabled devices by tech giants such as Google and Amazon – along with consumer’s propensity for voice in shopping, payments, etc. – have increased the adoption of voice assistants significantly. Consumers are plugging themselves into the new voice-enabled ecosystem, and brands have an opportunity to get closer to them.

As a result, retail players, automotive giants and other major brands are scouting for voice-as-a-channel use cases. As financial services (FS) struggles with profitability and customer experience, voice assistants allow firms to manage these requirements by acting as a single pane of glass. FS firms can integrate data and information from various sources, create personalized products and services, and showcase it for customers, via a single device – voice assistants. In this growing ecosystem of voice-enabled smart devices, a comprehensive voice assistant strategy is critical.