Building momentum in your career

We are a growing, global company with diverse career opportunities. A position with Capgemini Consulting boosts your career, as you benefit from global trainings, daily mentoring and the expertise of 4 000 passionate consultants. We propose challenging projects and gear our consultants for success!


It all starts before you join: to help you feel part of the team, we invite all our future consultants to various events. Once you’re here, we will also assign you a ‘buddy’ to make onboarding as straightforward as possible.

On-going development

A mature, global consultancy framework will give your career structure and clarity, with competencies to master at every level up to Vice President. You’ll be guided through this by a specially-assigned ‘counselor’.

Performance reviews

360-degree feedback is an invaluable tool in your personal development – and it’s absolutely pivotal to our culture. Twice a year, we conduct full talent reviews, and throughout the year you can expect comprehensive feedback on both your performance and your progression towards promotion

Learning and development

You’ll find a vast array of classroom, virtual learning and coaching to take advantage of. The impetus, of course, will come from you – your ambition, passion and curiosity.

Capgemini University

This is the hub for all learning within Capgemini Group. Sometimes our learning is delivered remotely, through eLearning, virtual classrooms and local courses. Sometimes it happens on site, at our state-of-the-art learning centre in Les Fontaines, near Paris. Set in the beautiful grounds of an 18th Century château, the University brings people together from across the globe to stretch themselves, develop their skills and achieve their full potential. This is ‘next generation’ learning, wherever it takes place. Learning that is focused on sharing know-how, raising industry standards and further strengthening what makes Capgemini different.

Your career path

Working at Capgemini Consulting will allow you to capitalize on your potential. We will facilitate you to develop your passions and grow professionally. At each step in your career you will face new challenges and cultivate new skills and competencies. The learning never ends! Your own personal performance will be the driving force in your career. We will support your growth by providing ongoing training and mentoring, giving you room to create your own professional projects.

Vice President

Our Vice Presidents are true business leaders, driving business and leading the Capgemini Consulting community. They are passionate about people and ideas, and they work to foster excellent relationships with and among the people they lead.

The management consultant profession is one of the most rewarding I can imagine, with remarkable opportunities to develop and grow your skills and capabilities.  Looking back on my career I am amazed how much I’ve been able to develop as a professional and as a person – and I am still very much learning, in every project, with every client, every day. As a Vice President I passionate about shaping my clients’ digital futures, orchestrating the right capabilities from our side to support them in the best possible way.”
– Karl Bjurström, Vice President


As a Principal, you have a strong business impact and are part of the leadership of Capgemini Consulting. You shape a piece of our business, and you are a leader in your domain. You will also have created a business platform from which you generate business volume and/or value. Principals develop high-level business relations and high-impact projects, and they lead large teams.

As a Principal I have the opportunity to work on business development, nurture my client relations and in many cases lead larger strategic programs. I have managed to develop a strong subject matter expertise in particular fields and act as a strategic advisor for our senior client stakeholders.”
– Johan Williamson, Principal


Managing Consultant

As a Managing Consultant, you start to excel in some of the competency dimensions. You are responsible for business volume through add-on sales and project delivery, and you act as a team leader or counsellor for other colleagues. You are known for your domain expertise, and you generate your own work and that of others.

As a Managing Consultant I am responsible for ensuring high-quality project deliveries as well as for contributing to business development with my client insights and my domain expertise. I also have the opportunity to apply and develop my leadership skills by managing project teams and acting as a counsellor to our more junior colleagues. My ability to build relationships with clients as well as colleagues is an essential part of my career.
– Emma Mersmann, Managing Consultant 

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant, you develop a specialization within a specific expertise. You are capable of working independently and in a team. You are responsible for the completion of part of a project in which you lead a small team. You also become more client-oriented and begin to explore sales activities.

As a Senior Consultant you have matured in your role as a management consultant and feel confident with the basic toolboxes and skill sets. Your journey to Project Manager truly starts now! As you continue to develop your management consultant skills you start to manage your own project streams, and sometimes, entire projects. Say goodbye to comfort zone and, hello to an even steeper and broader learning curve.
– Daniel Sundel, Senior Consultant


As a Consultant, you “learn the trade” within a specific domain of expertise, working and thinking on an academic level. You develop most skills and work in different roles on different projects in your domain.

As a Consultant, I get the opportunity to try out a number of different roles in a team and the freedom to choose projects from a variety of industry sectors. My learning curve has been incredibly exponential, applying myself in new topics and roles quickly, which has been both exciting and challenging.
– Emelie Johansson, Consultant