End-to-end services for Railways

Capgemini has a strong team of mechanical and embedded hardware/software engineers providing development of Onboard equipment like Head of Train/End of Train devices, braking systems, control systems, event data & video recorder systems;

We have vast experience in passenger and freight type of railway systems that includes expertise in product development for Train Management Systems.

Our Focus Areas include

  • Train Control
  • Train Monitoring
  • Wayside and Signaling
  • Simulators

Our experience:

  • Hardware and firmware development for sub systems such as
    • head or end of train devices,
    • braking systems
    • control systems
    • event data and video recorder systems
    • car or carriage devices
    • cab signal monitoring
  • Rail services such as
    • Train Management systems
    • Billing application development
    • Ticketing system
    • Train control and dispatch applications