Comprehensive Mobile Strategy – Go Beyond Mobile Functions and Features

A comprehensive mobile strategy considers not only features and functions but how your customers or employees actually use mobile technologies.

Our experts help you:

  • See the whole picture. We have the breadth and depth to spot trends early and leverage ideas from our global engagements
  • Decide on your direction with a look towards the complete business process transformation. This enables you to innovate faster, meet your current business needs and establish a secure foundation for the future

Mobile Solutions Design Expertise

We have a proven track record in strategy and transformation for our clients. To stay ahead of its competition, Dutch bank Rabobank asked our experts to deliver a solution that would allow its customers to use their mobile phones to carry out banking operations “on the go”.

Capgemini helped define the customer experience and supported the project through to implementation. Together, we successfully launched Rabobank’s own Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in under six months.

As a result, Rabobank saved costs, opened new revenue opportunities and strengthened its distribution channels. Most importantly, the project has ensured a ‘gold-plated’ top quality, end-to-end customer experience, in line with the bank’s AAA rating.

Close Collaboration for a Well-Defined Mobile Strategy

Using mobile strategy methodology and proprietary materials, including our Enterprise Mobility Benchmarking tool we will work with you to:

  • Discover where you are on your mobile strategy journey. Knowing where you are is the first step in knowing where you’re going
  • Help you build consensus across your organization and engage teams to support mobile transformation success
  • Define a meaningful strategy by drilling down into your specific business needs
  • Deliver an implementation plan that provides the greatest positive impact for you.
  • Deliver a secure implementation plan that provides the greatest positive impact for you