Stay on top of the mobile app explosion

The expectation from workers and customers to be always connected is forcing companies to bring mobile solutions to market faster, while also trying to align them with core business drivers. In addition, employees increasingly use their own devices to access mobile apps, putting security at risk and making management more complex. Many organizations do not have the resources or budget to develop, manage and maintain mobile apps securely across numerous platforms and operating systems.

So how do you stay on top of this mobile app explosion?

Flexible, Cost-effective Mobile App Delivery and Management

Our Mobile App Factory enables your enterprise to develop apps and responsive websites quickly and cost-effectively, while ensuring they meet your business drivers and fit into your wider mobility strategies.

You will tap into a dedicated team of mobile enterprise app experts as and when you need them, drawing on the skills of our experienced developers and business experts while keeping a tight control on costs and rollout times.

But it doesn’t have to end with app delivery.

Together with our subsidiary Sogeti we provide end-to-end services to develop, test, support and manage mobile apps now and into the future. Plus complementary Machine-to-Machine capabilities allow you to uncover insights from the Internet of Things.

End-to-end Expertise for Your Mobile App Portfolio

As an Enterprise Mobility Orchestrator, we have more than 20 years’ experience of delivering mobile solutions, and we understand the wider enterprise IT and business environment into which your apps fit. Our four major business areas of consulting services, systems integration, professional technology services and outsourcing mean we can support the process of fully integrating solutions with your business requirements and technology infrastructure.

With our end-to-end mobile strategy and services we can provide mobile apps, responsive websites and Internet-of-Things solutions.