AcUIty for North America

Optimize processes and minimize costs: AcUIty is an automated, web-based solution that enables unemployment insurance agencies to focus on what really matters.

Today’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) agencies face unique challenges. Reduced budgets and decreasing unemployment rates are forcing agencies to do more with less. In addition, aging technologies are struggling to support the efficient, fair and transparent administration of UI laws and policies.

Agencies need a solution that centralizes data and reduces costs, thereby enabling them to focus on combatting fraud, providing payments and delivering quality customer service.

Automation and Self-Service for Improved Performance

AcUIty provides an online self-service platform for claimants and employers that centralizes tax, benefits and appeals data. It includes:

  • A high degree of automation, which resolves issues without human intervention
  • Fact-finding resources and case management, which enables employees to quickly respond to UI issues
  • Online integrated information data sources, which promote self-service
  • Single database implementation, which integrates all tax, benefits and appeals data
  • Rules-based architecture, which enables users to implement regulatory and policy changes without complex software development

100 UI Experts with Proven Results

Our team of more than 100 UI experts draws on extensive state, government and UI consulting experience to offer comprehensive, rules-based business solutions. Agencies throughout the US have experienced the following:

  • 80% reduction in issue backlogs
  • $1.5-million reduction in annual operational costs
  • 75% increase in data accuracy
  • 20% increase in staff time to focus on value-added services

In December 2013, we signed a partnership with the Southeast Consortium Unemployment Insurance Benefits Initiative (SCUBI) to design both technical and business processes, then develop and implement a multi-state UI benefits system.