HM Revenue & Customs IT services contract with Capgemini is simplifying the technology estate, delivering a virtualised infrastructure service and reducing its carbon footprint

The Situation

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) IT infrastructure originally supported the separate Inland Revenue and HM Customs & Excise organisations. When the departments merged to become HMRC, joining up the IT helped the new department operate in a unified way. But stabilising the old technology, managing interdependencies, and adding new systems to this already complex environment meant overall IT expenditure increased. Capgemini is now working with HMRC to simplify the IT estate to contribute to their overall operational cost reduction target.

The Solution

HMRC and Capgemini revised the Aspire IT services contract in October 2009, enabling an IT transformation programme which is paid for by re-cycling savings delivered before March 2011. This transformation includes projects to decommission, resize and standardise infrastructure and applications, and a new standardised virtualised infrastructure service.

The Result

The transformation is delivering the Aspire contract savings commitment of £110 million a year from 2011/12. Over 11,000 desktop PCs, 60 applications and 1,500 servers are being removed and a virtualised infrastructure has been introduced, simplifying HMRC’s IT and reducing carbon footprint. This standardisation creates the foundation for HMRC’s strategy to move around 600 Core applications onto just 13 strategic machines.