Driving campaign management at the speed of thought

When is the best time to market to a customer? The day after they’ve been to your store, a week later or a month later? One of the best times to market to a customer is when they are in your store, or even better to market to them when they are near your store in order to entice them inside. What is the best campaign to use? One targeted at a specific segment, or one just aimed at the mass market to appeal as generally as possible? Again the answer is ‘neither’. The best campaign is one targeted to encourage the specific individual to act.

The best campaign will impact buying behavior as it is happening and does so at the individual level. This represents a two-fold challenge for your business, firstly how to identify a customer in real-time, and secondly how to pick the right campaign for that individual so it can be delivered to them in real-time. Your customers expect you to know them and expect you to react to them as individuals – your challenge is how to achieve that. Capgemini and IBM™ have worked together to create a solution that enables you to deliver just this.