Wikibon Senior Analyst Stu Miniman from theCUBE at EMC World 2015 sat down live with Capgemini’s Global VP, Big Data Steve Jones and Aidan O’Brien, EMC’s General Manager for the EMC Big Data Strategic Initiative to talk about Capgemini and EMC’s Big Data initiatives around the Business Data Lake and where it’s come from and where it is today.

Steve shares how the solution has come from a conceptual “pipe dream” to delivering real business value today and how a joint customer survey with EMC provided insights on what customers wanted and needed. The first general release of the product in March is now generally available and being industrialized to more quickly provide real business value and outcomes in every single sector. The key element is quicker time to value as the concept “fail fast” really accelerates decisions and outcomes. With EMC and our very “natural partnership from day one,” together we are already delivering real value for security, automotive and oil & gas customers. Capgemini focuses on the business value while EMC does the engineering and platform architecture.

Steve provides some key recommendations:

  1. Don’t waste time with POCs that just prove the technology – concentrate on delivering business outcomes
  2. Keep it simple, rational and industrialize the business data lake platform.
  3. Invest in the people who focus on the business challenges and opportunities.

Stay tuned for new and exciting applications for the Business Data Lake.