World Quality Report 2019-20

The future of quality assurance and its role in maximizing growth

Maximize business growth with the quality multiple

The 11th edition of the World Quality Report decodes the role of software quality in assuring business growth and outcomes. A survey sample of 1725 CIOs and senior tech leaders has voted ‘Contribute to business growth and outcomes’ as the most important quality assurance and testing objective. Register now to download your e-copy.

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The report also highlights challenges in quality engineering that continue to play out across sectors. One in four respondents said operational and business priorities impede adoption of agile and DevOps. There is an urgent need to view automation not just as solution to replace manual testing but as a smart, connected platform. A radical change in provisioning and management of test data, environments is long overdue. And a staggering 59% reported deficiencies in the controls that ensure data processing and storage systems adhere to security policies.

Here are our key recommendations to help accelerate your quality engineering journey detailed in WQR 2019-20:

  • Build a smart and connected testing eco-system deploying intelligent analytics
  • Expand AI-related skillsets within the test team by onboarding data science, statistics, mathematics, and more
  • Re-imagine test automation as a platform
  • Raise awareness and visibility of test environments; adopt a center of excellence approach for test data management
  • Raise the game on security. Introduce security testing early in the lifecycle — during design

For more on the regional developments from this global study, download e-copies of the regional pull-outs.

About the WQR 2019-20

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